Onboarding Process (part 1): Vision, Mission, Values

Thanks for the great work on these values, I can resonate with all of them, which is arguably the point of creating them for our community!

I may be biased but I don’t know how I feel about having " #gettingshitdone " in our values. I think we could express this point in a more value-based manner, rather than a hashtag. I understand we all know what it means and how it is used in our space, but I think this point holds so much power (as it stands for delivering projects and adding value to the community) that it can be emphasised better than in the form it is now.

Also, again very much up for discussion, we could have another value targeted at the community’s transparency and communication, such as:

  • ensuring everyone has a way of tracking everything that is happening in our space and can get involved
  • bringing up to date content to the members with potential opportunities and events (which we are already doing), etc

I think a point on the above would really add to our values, especially in our continuous search for finding the best way of keeping everyone up to speed with everything, and providing useful information and updates on a daily basis on our spaces.

<3 Much love, Laca

I believe this is pretty well encompassed in the values stated above (points 5 and 6). Although not as direct as you’ve described it. :slight_smile: Good addition though, it only shows how varied are individual POV’s. Debating this for the next week will shape Ralu’s core text very nicely.


Personally, I believe this is a skill we all have to cultivate while practicing it. If we look back at the way we inherited the mindset of meritocracy and clean workspace from the bootstrapping team and how this propagated through our community, I believe it’ll be the same in this instance. Each one will teach one.


Nice input @coz. @RaluW, what caught my eye when I was reading last point of Coz’s feedback is that the same was proposed by @Lgmarian in our last call, but in a very slightly different format :slight_smile: .GG, @Lgmarian!


You have done an great job, Onbording Team! I stand behind this values 100% but especially with the one of doer said by coz.


Nice one, great initiative! I totally resonated with your proposal. I strongly believe that once we have set in stone the mission, vision and values
and everyone knows what we stand for, the collective intelligence that will result from the proactivity of each member we’ll make us a DAO you cannot fuck with!! Much love :green_heart:


Hey, @coz, it’s me again :slight_smile:
We appreciate your suggestions and believe comming up with shorter, more concise, top 5 core values, would help us develop a more powerful messaging. This approach would make is easier for the entire community to understand and, more importantly, internalize them.

Since you also have some background with defining identity/ core values from previous experiences, the onboarding team would like to invite you to join us in this task of rephrasing / identifying the 5 core values of StakeborgDAO.

We will collect the feedback from the community for the next week, after which, if you agree, we’d be happy if you joined our discussions on the #xyz-onboarding channel and gave us a hand in phrasing these ideas as short and impactful as possible.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:


I just want to say THANK YOU to the team for the great job that are doing.
I understand how difficult it is to build a big community in such a short time but i am confident that togheter we can succeed :muscle:


Ok, thanks, sure, I can do that :wink:


Hi guys!

I will start with a disclaimer stating: as I am a very new member, I did not interact much with the community of StakeborgDAO, thus, I did not manage to see, yet, those values get shaped in the interactions between the members, outside Discord.

This being said, I admire and appreciate the effort made by the team to come up with this vital document. A stepping stone for the community, as reducing friction when onboarding new members increase the likelihood of long term engagement.

I am happy because I resonate highly with the ideas presented in this document and I want to see the mission developing. Those ideas really render the identity of the community.

I believe that the most important points were already made, either in the document itself or in the comments, but I would have a small addition. Since we are building a community, I would emphasise a bit more the idea of ‘cooperation’ - as this is a fundamental characteristic of a community, which I have seen in action here. It can be deducted from the 5th point ( * We believe in educating ourselves, in learning from each other and in growing together.), where ‘in learning from each other and in growing together’ points in that direction (only slightly as cooperation encompasses more - it involved working together, communicating, synergy, loyalty, etc). Since I consider this to be a vital point to make, I would bring it to the spotlight as an independent value.


I totally like and support this Proposal! We need a clear and simple set of values and a vision backed by a mission that can be easily understood by ourselves. Even more important to pin that down for when we go out into the world and represent the DAO, and also very crucial for the Unboarding process, so yes! Great initiative!


I can relate to everything you mentioned. Would be clear and targeted, while further explanations can be added.


Wow. I am happy and excited that I am not the smartest in “the room”.
It is obvious that a lot of high quality thought has been invested in the proposal and comments and would like offer you all a round of applauses and thanks for the work done/started.
My 2 cents:

  1. In the vision section, I would reinforce the idea of educated colony, not only wealthy: Our vision at StakeborgDAO is to create a wealthy and educated digital colony…

  2. In the values sections, I was thinking also at: Trust and repect are gained, not claimed

  3. Beyond initial discussion where the community engages and offers feedback, I am thinking that we should have people willing to be some sort of “pathfinder” where they welcome, show and teach the new members and maybe help them to find their path.

And finally…



Salutare etf_dao!
I truly like your idea with “wealthy and educated”

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Onboardingbuddies is of great importance, because I’ve spoken in many calls with memebers inside TDI and noticed what valuable people they are but for one reason or another didn’t have the courage to expose themselves. I think the personal interaction will get the newbuddies into the action from day one, but it can also be an opportunity for the oldbuddies to get a fresh start.
I want to participate in 121 calls, so you can consider me. :blue_heart:


Hello, frens! :wave:

First of all, congrats for delivering the proposal! I’m glad to see this coming through.

I have a bit of experience in the start-up world, so here are some thoughts and suggestions on how I would improve the Vision, Mission and Values.


Our vision at StakeborgDAO is to create a wealthy digital colony that represents a reference model for other DAOs and the crypto space in general.

A vision statement needs to pinpoint what the DAO is building towards. Looking at the vision statement above and comparing it against what the DAO’s been doing to this day, there is a significant mismatch.

‘Creating a wealthy colony’ is an intimidating goal by virtue of its sheer complexity and risks confusing news members. Assuming I see this when I first interact with StakeborgDAO, the immediat questions that comes to mind would be: Is this a trading/investment community?

In my opinion, building wealth is a byproduct of what StakeborgDAO is about, namely empowering people with foundational understanding of digital assets (i.e. their utility and properties) and the broader market context (i.e. the role they play in our society) to improve one’s ability to manage their financial health.

I would suggest something along the lines of:

StakeborgDAO empowers people with a foundational understanding of digital assets to help build financial health.


We made our mission to become a vibrant incubation community that creates wealth to its members by cultivating a Web3 ecosystem of sub-DAOs and guilds, with a focus on DeFi applications.

The mission needs to be laser-focused on what the DAO is doing to reach the vision it set out in its Vision. In its current shape, the mission is abstract and confusing. It lacks focus and runs the risk of leaving too wide a room for interpretation.

I would suggest something along the lines of:

Build an environment where life-long learners tap into the brightest minds of all of crypto to realise their financial goals.


  • We believe in inclusiveness and in being kind
  • We believe that in real life (IRL) connections transcend into and define our Web3 interactions and values
  • We don’t shy away from bold experiments
  • We love thinkers as long as they become doers
  • We believe in educating ourselves, in learning from each other and in growing together.
  • We count on each member’s skills and contribution to shape the culture and grow the value of our community
  • At StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone

In start-up theory, values or shared beliefs are the characteristics that enable an organisation to execute its mission and achieve its vision.

As some of you mentioned in the comments above, values need to be memorable. In order for them to be memorable, they need to be punchy / concise.

I suggest something along the lines of:

* **Inclusion:** Stakeborgars/girls embrace diversity and encourage participation. 
* **Relentless Execution & Iteration:** Fast delivery and iteration is paramount for Stakeborgars/girls.
* **Life-Long Learning:** Stakeborgars/girls are avid learners who are open to having their ideas challenged.
* **Stronger Together:** Stakeboragrs/girls stick together, share knowledge, conceive ideas and scale initiatives from the ground up.

Keen to hear your thoughts and explore this further if needed.


Salut Erwin.
like I said yesterday in that call, you was the first person who guide me în stakeborg dao community, so you are already in the project, Thank you!


Great work! I don’t know why, but I can see a mix between this onboarding process and JuL’ s proposal. Maybe new members with potential value for the community can be attracted by the educational format he proposes.
So, once a new member chooses to jump in the boat, he or she can receive, along with the community’s values charter/bible, a basic, well-organised educational package. A kind of concrete tool with which he or she can soon begin to bring value to the community. And from that moment on, it’s up to him/her to ask for more information and turn into a doer. What do you think?


Hi @Raz ! I like how you phrased the final lines. I think these should be at least considered next to @coz 's proposal for shorter more concise phrasing of the values. @RaluW maybe it’s something here.


Guys, you did a tremendous job and congratulations for this! You guys are pathfinders!

I think this is one of the most important projects at this stage for our community. This is the entrance to our world and should be as lean and smooth as possible.

I will leave a few comments/observation/ ideas below:

  1. Onboarding process’ structure – All 5 points are relevant and add structure and clarity. I think the #LearningPath is a great idea and using gamified solution will make it both attractive and interactive.

Suggestion: Since a DAO’s success is liked to its member’s involvement, commitment and contribution (meaning it’s a two-way street) what if, we would encourage new joiners to already choose an area of interest where they would like to start contributing (e.g. from the list of ongoing projects). Or at least they could be asked to indicate if they would like to be a passive member or an active one (if they choose active, then the option of indicating which from the ongoing projects would be of interest should come next).

  1. I also salute the decision of splitting this complex proposal into several chunks.

  2. Vision – how will the wealth of the digital colony be achieved? Does this relate to the educational part of the DAO (TCI, CAD, ST, Discord, community projects etc.)?

  3. Shouldn’t nurturing an educational environment should be also included in our mission?
  4. How did you come up with the KPIs and why is relevant what they measure?

I think that you found the right path. Can’t wait for the Part 2, which should be: Restructuring the StakeborgDAO Discord channels so that newcomers have a leaner start, right?

Have a nice Sunday y’all!