SBD @ VeeCon 2022 Proposal

Before you start reading the proposal, I would like to acknowledge the fact that I(we) am(are) aware of how short notice this proposal may be and that we might have some challenges in organizing and taking a decision “on the spot”.

Although this may seem like an unsuccessful attempt, I would like to highlight the fact that we are operating in a very dynamic and fast-paced space (Crypto, WEB3, DAO, Metaverse etc). Either we have the capability to adapt and get the best outcome of each opportunity, or we will be the “underdog that will eat last, if anything is left”.

Beside the opportunity we have to participate at VeeCon, this is also a challenge/test for our DAO to demonstrate that we are able to learn and make decisions at least as fast as the industry we want to be leaders in.

One for all and all for DAO!

# Summary
- a short description regarding the proposal, just a few sentences long

StakeborgDAO (SBD) participation at VeeCon through its members/Stakeborgari/Stakeborgirls.

VeeCon website:

When: from May 19, 2022 to May 22, 2022

Where: Minneapolis, MN, in the U.S. Bank Stadium

# Motivation
– explains what the problem/opportunity the proposal identifies and how it adds value to our DAO

Crypto, WEB3, DEX, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and a lot more…

## Opportunity

Lately it has been demonstrated that Gary Vee is an obvious influencer and entrepreneur in the NFT space and not only. Any potential way of learning from him and his style of building the NFT world is a tremendous benefit for all the individuals and communities that are willing to sharpen and upgrade their skills in the medium/long run. Also, he managed to bring together an amazing group of speakers, influencers and builders in the WEB3 space for this event. Veecon Speakers: VeeCon Speakers |

For us, a DAO that aims to navigate and integrate the Crypto world through solid education, organic growth and Web3 products and services, would be an amazing exposure to be part (even as attendees) of the first edition of VeeCon.

How will this benefit StakeborgDAO?

  • Exposure and interaction with other DAOs/communities
  • Potential to create connections and bring more valuable people within the space
  • Reinforce the core values of our DAO and build even more trust within the DAO: One for all and all for DAO

# Execution
– what are the steps (detailed) needed to achieve the proposal’s goal (by who, how long it will take)

  1. Main focus is here so that we would know if we want to look at the rest of the proposal: Decide if this is an opportunity for the community – by 2022-05-01T04:00:00Z;


  • Create a Poll where the SBD holders have the right to vote the following Q:

Do we want to have a SBD delegation at VeeCon 2022? Yes/No

  1. If Yes, create a list with the potential/eligible/available representatives – by 2022-05-04T04:00:00Z
  • Create a group of eligible members and select, if needed and if are too many applicants, 3-5 of them (this number may differ)
  1. Vote what Resources, if any, SBD will offer to the delegation team (below needed resources) - by 2022-05-10T04:00:00Z

  2. Create a plan for those that will be present and represent SBD at Veecon: - by 2022-05-15T04:00:00Z

  • Refine values we want our DAO to lead with at VeeCon through its representatives
  • What materials should have with them (t-shirts, hats, cards etc with logos and quotes).
  • Have a CT to get the feeling/wants of the community
  1. Participate at the VeeCon
  2. Present the learnings either in an article or in a CT (or both)

# Resources
– what you need in terms of financing, Social Media support, etc

Members/Stakeborgari/Stakeborgirls that meet the following requirements:

  • Holder (maybe we also have a minimum holding time or staking limit)
  • Visa/US status
  • EN speakers (at least basics)
  • Availability between 19-22 May 2022
  • Possibility to cover travel expenses (in case no support is available)

Financial Resources / participant:

  • 0.5 eth for the ticket
  • Plane tickets: anywhere between 200 and 1500, depending on the timeframe and where the holder is flying from
  • Accommodation/hotel: $100-$150/day => Total of $400 - $600
  • Meals: guestimate $75/day =>$300
  • Promotional materials (T-shirt, hoodie and hat): approx. $150- $200
  • Other unexpected expenses: NA

Ideally would be that SBD would be able to offer financial support, at least for a few if not for all the holders that want to participate, in regard to access ticket, transportation, accommodation and meals (obviously, everything being under budget).

In my case (etf dao), if this proposal passes, one option to cover the Financial Resources is as following:

StakeborgDAO will cover:

  • Buy access ticket: approx 0.5 eth (and maybe keep it in the Treasury afterwards)


  • have a Stakeborgar/Stakeborgirl, that cannot participate, borrow their ticket (an receive it back after VeeCon)

I will try cover:

  • Plane tickets: anywhere between 200 and 1500, depending on the timeframe and where the holder is flying from
  • Accommodation/hotel: $100-$150/day => Total of $400 - $600
  • Meals: guestimate $75/day =>$300
  • Promotional materials (T-shirt, hoodie and hat): approx. $150- $200
  • Other unexpected expenses: NA

Total: anywhere $900 to $2000. Those are expenses I would try to cover unless the community decides that we all want to split/cover those/some expenses.

# Success metrics and KPIs
– how is success measured? What are the KPIs?

I am not 100% sure how this could be quantifiable, but I am more than open to suggestions beside what is mentioned below:

  • Interaction with at least 3 speakers (depending on possibility)
  • Write an article after VeeCon that can be a potential candidate for the Capital newsletter
  • 3 Tweets on a daily basis

# Team background
– who’s part of the team and what their background is

Proposal team

etf_dao#8199 - Project Manager
FreeFly#1506 - editor + ideas generator

Delegation team

As of now, I am not aware yet of who can be part of the delegated team beside myself. I am more than willing to provide any information necessary about myself. Short description:

  • Stakeborgar first of all
  • Diamond hand
  • StakeborgDAO Ambassador in Miami
  • Working in the medical devices field on a daily basis
  • Lastly, but not the least, using Romanian jargon… “I have blood in the installation” and ambition to do what I set out to do. Whether I win or lose, once I say something, I keep my word!

# Concluding, there are some clear questions we need to respond:

  1. Do we want to have a SBD delegation at VeeCon 2022? Yes/No
  2. Who are the delegates?
  3. How will the resources be covered?
  4. What are the success metrics? - better define them if those mentioned are not clear enough

I am grateful that you were open to my idea and in such a short time, we have here a proposal for the Agora, that we can discuss on! I would like to see involvement from the community on this topic, so that we can have the best decision for our community in due time


Hey guys! Having been to my first web3 gathering last week, I understood there is a lot of value in these events both for the participants and the communities they come from.

I believe it’s important for our DAO to start having presence at web3 events, meet fellow builders and tie friendships. This could lead to attracting contributors, D2D collaborations and other opportunities.

Do we want to have a SBD delegation at VeeCon 2022?
This is a hard question to answer, because you need to have experienced such events in order to understand what impact they can have.

Personally, I would love to see our DAO supporting some members in attending this event by covering some of the costs. IMO Potential representatives should be proposed by the community and should be
people who are interested in NFTs and Gary’s work, who can easily connect with people and who would do a great job sharing stories and knowledge with the rest of the community. They should also have a record of contributing to the DAO and being active in the web3 space (engaging on twitter, working on web3 projects, meeting with people in web3 …etc)

Choosing who these people are is another debate, then they also need to have a visa, availability and willingness to go.

Up to this point I shared my thoughts on this proposal. From now on I’ll be sharing my vision for the future.

Once the number of members in StakeborgDAO who attend web3 events grows and we figure out ways of extracting value for the community out of these, there could be a grants program for such activities. Members with a suitable profile for a given event can enter a raffle and win tickets + some financial support

The managers of this grants program will create the profile of the right candidates using the Community Achievements Badges collection which could contain dozens of different achievements in the future.

Let’s say it’s 2024, VeeCon is approaching, we already have budget for 3 grants and would choose the following badges to create the profiles of the members who can enter the raffle: Nft Guru, Ambassador, Story Teller, DAO Champion.

This a glimpse of how the badges collection can be used to reward contribution in the future.


That’s a great use of on-chain credentials :slight_smile:

As for the proposal, I also think it’s important to have someone at these major events, even if it’s just for networking. Now, I’m not deeply into Gary’s work and don’t have that much knowledge about this so I second Eugen’s opinion on having some who’s interested and knows more about him and his projects. This could maybe be discussed in the NFT section of our Discord channel as I know there are multiple people involved in VeeCon.


I like the way you envision the badges’ utility and agree that we need to start thinking about our DAO’s presence at relevant web3 events.

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I love the fact that you and @FreeFly thought about this and the quick turnaround from idea to proposal! Being somewhat familiar with Gary’s work and his marketing machinery, I believe it would be great to have (ideally) a few people representing StakeborgDAO at the event. And, since there are members of our community who have a VF1 / ticket already, it should be easy to do.

For me the question is, what other branded materials would the reps need at the conference, do we need to tailor messages, can we do a Twitter Spaces from VeeCon? To summarize: how can we best extract value from this event?


Very good points highlighted in your feedback! And specially the idea of having some sort of grant and team that would define the requirements for future participation at those events, including the use of on chain credentials.

It is indeed a heavy questions and would be ideally to have some people that have done this before and that would maximize the exposure at this event. Now taking into account the short time and constraints (visa, time, travel, etc) and I forced to say that “beggars cannot be choosers”. :sweat_smile:

As I mentioned during the CT call, beside the opportunity itself, this is a challenge for us to se how we organize in taking quick decisions on a short time. In this case, we will not lose anything, no matter of the result, but we might win a few things depending on our decision.

Yes, as long there is a will, there is a way. Thank you for your consistent feedback and guidance, @RaluW!

@FreeFly is trying to see if he we can have, by any chance, some sort of poster anywhere at the event or any kind of potential marketing product.
Meanwhile, if there is no way we may have something like that, we could be a “walking poster” through our clothes. Probably the easiest would be a few harts and cool T-shirts with SBD and famous quotes and maybe on the back of the T-shirt with a QR code that would lead to a page from where the people can navigate to any of our pages: Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, Facebook, instagram, XYZ, Agora etc

We would need about 1 week if we want to print anything on any materials, thus this time may be also considered.


Very good idea. I think it would do us good to have someone present at this important conference in the web3 area. I think we would benefit from showing up :slight_smile:


I agree on this and I agree that beggars can’t be choosers in this occasion. Loads of good feedback in the messages and they could be debated to come with a future code of practices. However, for this event, I believe we have to be bold, swift and be there.


A lot of nice things happened in our community in the last days, some of them also NFT / veefriends related, I love the energy around these initiatives. I am a Gary Vee fan, I like what he is doing around and for the NFT space, and I have decided to team up with @etf_dao all the way to veecon, In other words I have booked the flight and the hotel reservation, and hopefully I will receive a ticket from one of our community members that owns a veefriend , if this is not possible I will do everything to buy one and attend. It was not an easy decision but my family understands me, and supports me. The fact that I already had a visa, helped in taking this decision and also the talk with the community members at the irlm in Timisoara had an impact in my choice. @eugenPtr had a great idea above, using on chain credentials in the future is the right way to decide the delegation that will attend events representing our DAO, for now we are still in forming phase, a lot of things to work on, and considering the short term, we need to adapt. It will be an honour for me to represent StakeBorgDAO at VeeCon this year!


Good idea. I think it would do us good to have someone present at this important conference in the web3 area.

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Super tare initiativa voastră si mai ales ca o faceti pe cheltuiala vostra si totodată vreti sa impartasiti cu comunitatea experientele pe care o sa le aveți acolo.
Ce imi doresc eu? In primul rand voi sa va bucurați de acel eveniment ca ulterior sa ne impartasiti experienta de acolo, sunt convins ca o sa reprezentati cu brio al nostru Dao.

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