CFC Season 3 Proposal

Season 3 Proposal for CFC

The second official season of the CFC concluded at the beginning of July. Over this part of the summer break, no new actions have been taken by the committee.

As always, we’ve summarised below the committee’s activity over the last season alongside this renewal proposal, preparing us for CFC’s Season 3.

Grants Overview

In the second season, the CFC overlooked the completion of i1’s first iteration. Having completed all criteria, the project is waiting to go into stage 2, awaiting a new grant proposal and going to the broader public.


We continue to believe that monetary compensation is not necessary for the committee’s estimated level of work, hence we suggest not monetarily compensating the members.

The members

We recommend keeping the present squad in place for this season’s team makeup because there is a lot of synergy and alignment. We are able to cover a major amount of a project’s potential challenges and offer consulting as a result of the member’s knowledge. The team currently consists of:

  • Lead: Matei
  • Reviewers:
    • Vlad
    • Bogdan Gheorghe
    • Alex Tudorache
    • Ionut Popa
    • Sergiu Ilis
    • Vlad Ciocan


We intend on continuing the timeline approved before, consisting of 3-month seasons. In this proposal’s case, it means starting S3 immediately, should the proposal pass, and ending it on the 1st of October.

Replenishment of funds

Although two initiatives have been funded in the last four months, the committee’s treasury still holds more than 80% of the tokens initially provided. As a result, we do not see the need for an on-chain vote to replenish the remaining 20%. If finances are depleted during season 3, we will respond accordingly and revise actions at the appropriate time.

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We intend on leaving this proposal until Wednesday to gather opinions and replies before changing it or moving onto Snapshot voting.