CFC Season 2 Proposal

The beginning of April marks the end of the SFC’s first official season. In this mandate, the SFC welcomed 3 new members which enhanced the SFC’s perspectives and brought a great deal of knowledge to internal discussions.

Below, we have summarized the activity in the last 4 months and brought a series of proposed tweaks to the committee’s operations and layout.

Grants awarded

In season 1, the SFC funded 2 out of 2 proposals requiring financial resources, namely the I1 product developed by Ioan via Snapshot and the presentation of Construct in Amsterdam with W3bLab by Meanix, via Snapshot.

  • I1’s goal is to democratize access to quality financial data for all DAOs, contributors, analysts and media outlets.
  • The on-stage presentation of Construct in front of web3 builders and musical artists directly engages a core part of its target audience and raises timely awareness.


We continue to believe that monetary compensation is not required for the committee’s expected volume of work, therefore we propose continuing with not rewarding the members financially.

The team

For this season’s team composition, we propose keeping the current roster as-is for there has a great deal of synergy and alignment was created. With the member’s expertise, we manage to cover a significant portion of a project’s potential issues and offer consultancy accordingly. As of now, the team consists of:

  • Lead: Vlad
  • Reviewers:
    • Matei
    • Bogdan Gheorghe
    • Alex Tudorache
    • Ionut Popa
    • Sergiu Ilis
    • Vlad Ciocan

Name change

Since the community’s approval for changing the name of the DAO from Stakeborg DAO to Construct, we see fit to also vote on renaming the StakeborgDAO Financial Committee. As such, the committee will be called Construct Financial Committee to better integrate the mission of our DAO into the entity and enhance brand integrity.


Given the initial intention of changing committee seasons quarterly, we are now in the right place to change the duration of a season to 3 months instead of 4. Should the proposal be accepted by the community, the CFC’s season 2 will start on the 4th of April 2023 and end on the 30th of June 2023.

Funds replenishment

Even with two initiatives funded in the last 4 months, the committee’s treasury still holds over 80% of initially-allocated funds. For this reason, we do not see the need to initiate an on-chain vote for replenishing the other 20%. Should a top-up be necessary if funds are depleted during season 2, we will act accordingly and revise actions at the given time.