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I am personally a fan of mind maps as they have proven to be powerful visual tools for me to learn and connect pieces of information together. One such tool that I am starting to like more and more is called Obsidian plugin.
I am giving this mindmap example merely as a visual of the concept I am trying to propose to our community.
I am thinking about a “Community Economy” type project with the purpose to create a “full database” with all the information about crypto and not only. We might want to focus on crypto first and maybe other topics familiar to the individuals of StakeborgDAO community.
Every one has open access to contribute to the information database as they see fit.
Every contributor that creates a piece of content has the option to monetize their content by asking for micropayments on each published article / piece of content created this way cutting out the middle man and connecting the content creator with the community directly.
One article / piece of content could have a description about the information contained inside and definitely links to concepts or other pieces of content from the database that are related or relevant to the information presented trough the piece of content.
One way to monetize could be to have several consecutive levels of information depth: basic, medium in depth, advanced level, expert level, etc. With each level costing different amounts. This way we can implement micropayments sistem even at content level. Maybe free versions could also prove useful. This is why Blockchain technology is so powerful as each content creator has the power to decide whether or how to monetize their content.
I believe a visual graph of all the information contained in the database can be useful to provide a view such as the following:

We can explore the possibility to use existing tools such as lens protocol in order to implement this idea at Blockchain level and tools like obsidian plugin for the visual / graph linking. As the content creator is the sole owner of the created piece we should look into the possibility of assigning responsibility of content storage to the content creator with our tool only providing the means to access for that content. This might be the hardest part as for video streaming, for example the Blockchain technology existing today might not be capable of the same quality of video streaming but web 2 tools such as Vimeo or YouTube could prove useful.


https://lens.dev/ Lens Protocol
obsidian.md Obsidian


For me this idea sounds really cool. To be able to gather information from each individual and put it all together in a easy to follow visual context is amazing, something that wasn’t possible a few years ago and we can use this tool to expand our knowledge base from people that we trust/connect with everyday. Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything or I miss understood the idea of the proposal


I’m glad that I was able to convey my ideea and yeah you got it perfectly!
I’m hoping that in time after we would gather enough knowledge and information this could be a very engaging and “addictive” way for somebody to research a topic by “unlocking” content points.
Furthermore we could add courses and implement quizzes for the courses and after passing the quiz we would give a non transferable NFT that attests the completion of the course. maybe also with marks or levels. Down the road we could really scale this concept.
Imagine people competing among each other to unlock or activate all the content points from a topic, this could be a good implementation of gamified education.


Gamified education it is then. We can build so much on top of it and I am sure that alike crypto it will evolve in ways we can’t even comprehend right now


Hello, Kalladin! Your idea can also be applied on stakeborgdao.xyz? It seems right the way we could be stimulated and at the same time I agree with the articles and also with the leveles.

StakeborgDAO database, i love it.
I support this all the way.
One for all and all for DAO.
Good job @Kalladin