GM #stakeborgars,

As StakeborgDAO Ambassador I am on a mission of creating connections between our DAO and other communities. Today I would like to introduce you to Domain DAO and present you with a collaboration idea between our DAOs.

Domain DAO is on mission to take over the .dao domain. Below I made a summary of the company including all relevant resources.

About Domain DAO

Domain DAO was created by a group of DAO enthusiasts with the purpose of buying the .dao domain.

Domain DAO is built as a Register Operator, which will run Domain Name System (DNS) service for the .dao top level domain (TLD). This is conditioned by a succesful application round with ICANN - (

Upon success, the DAO will open the .dao domain registration to the public.


Tech giants and private equitites have already taken over popular TLDs such as .io (owned by Ethos Capital), .channel (owned by Google) or .book (owned by Amazon). Domain DAO is on a mission to secure .dao TLD fom monopolized domain industry and govern it as a DAO, so that future DAOs will be able to register their website under .dao domain. Goal: the .dao domain should be in hands of DAOers.

Being govern by the community, DAOs are different from traditional corporations and should celebrate their identities at first sight with .dao domains. Domain DAO team has seen a strong demand for .dao TLD from DAOs wanting to shift from .com and .io.


Currently the participation is open to the public via ETH donations, for which $DOMAIN token is received. The donations take place via Juicebox.

Some of the current backers of the project: Bankless DAO, Deep DAO, Pleasr DAO, Juicebox DAO etc.

DAO names reserved: AAVE DAO, APE DAO, BIT DAO, Decentraland DAO, Bankless DAO, etc.

Documentation - (

Website - (

Twitter - (

Discord - (DomainDAO)

Partnership Idea between StakeborgDAO and Domain DAO

Before sharing the present idea with you, I already took the first steps and contacted Domain DAO team, asking if they would be interested in a partnership.

I approached him with the following proposal:

StakeborgDAO will support Domain DAO’s cause with a 0,1 ETH donation for which we would receive allocated $DOMAIN Tokens (for a 0,1 ETH donnation there will be a 50.000,00 $DOMAIN allocation) and the reservation of stakeborg.dao domain (conditioned by the successful ICANN application).

Domain DAO will post an announcement on their social channels announcing the partnership with StakeborgDAO.

StakeborgDAO will make an once-a-month reminder about the partnership and Domain DAO’s mission. Domain DAO agrees to Like and Quote Retweet our reminders.

Furthermore, a invitation of the founders to a DAOnauts edition, from which we can find out more about the project can be included.

This is my original idea to which the team agreed. I already informed them that the idea will be presented to the Stakebor DAO community and a discussion and vote would be necessary for the partnership to come to live.

Resources needed:

For this partnership to happen a allocation of aprox. 210 $Standard will be necessary (based on current prices). This amount will be used for the purchase of 0,1 ETH and donation’s gas fees.

StakeborgDAO benefits from this partnership:

  • First partnership with another DAO.
  • Support of a cause that will benefit the entire DAO ecosystem.
  • Join a list of well-known industry players that support this cause.
  • Exposure comming from the DomainDAO partnership announcement and retweet of our reminders.
  • Diversification of our treasury with the 50.000,00 $DOMAIN that will be allocated for the donation.
  • The $DOMAIN will be represent the governing token of Domain DAO once this is activated, thus the holding of it will give StakeborgDAO governance rights within DomainDAO.

Thus, before coming up with an official proposal, I would like to leave this idea here until end of day on Monday (5th of September) with the purpose of gathering your feedback, thoughts and comments.

Should the feeling about this proposal be overall positive, I will move on and draft the official proposal.


Thank you for your initiative and research!. Your collaboration proposal must be supported and completed because it is a possibility to support the DAO ecosystem and leads in the medium and long term to the promotion of our own DAO as well. The investment of 0.1 ETH is risk-free because if the auction to win the .dao custody from ICANN is in favor of someone else, the donated amount will be returned to us.


salut Ostanescu.
I support your initiative and thank you for your involvement and effort in the stakeborgdao community and for being one of our most active members!
Hats off sir


Congratulations and I am for this initiative. Greetings


I consider this a very good initiative, our DAO name should be among the other DAOs that already joined this initiative. I would like to see this developed into a proposal that has a positive feedback from SFC!


Thank you for your support @Teo ! Indeed, having a seat at the table might bring long term benefits (subject to a positive ICANN application).

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Thank you for your support and kind words @Lgmarian !


Thank you @sergiuilis !

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Hopefully coming up next week!

In the meantime I thought of other two points that might be included in this partnership:

An DomainDAO AMA could be organized by @matei and @0xShinmen during an episode of the DAOnauts. This will give the opportunity for StakeborgDAO community to find out more about the project from its team, as well as ask any questions they might have.

What do you think @matei and @0xShinmen ?

Secondly, we could include a raffle (for which some $Standard can be offered) based on the following conditions:

  • follow StakeborgDAO on Twitter
  • follow Domain DAO on Twitter
  • Like and Retweet of the partnership announcement posting
  • join Domain DAO Discord
  • join StakeborgDAO Discord
  • Make a donation of at least 0.05 ETH to Domain DAO
  • Post the donation on Twitter mentioning @DomainDAO and @StakeborgDAO

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this as well!


Maybe the raffle could be even announced during the AMA session. :slight_smile:

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Supporting this proposal. Can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

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Hi Octav and GG. Both initiatives are great, securing the .dao and the partnership with them.

  1. I have one question: I couldn’t find anywhere the price of the NFT needed to mint your subdomain, the price being in $DOMAIN (at least this is what I understood by reading in 2 places “NFT can be purchased with $DOMAIN token”. There is the term “can” that leads to optionality, however there is no other reference to a different token, the only one that can lead to ETH is the possibility to buy the NFT off of the secondary market). It’s important to know the NFT cost for one to have the opportunity to donate the right amount that will puchase the equivalent $DOMAIN token to cover rhe cost of rhe NFT right first time.

  2. I do not like the statement on their website about 1$DOMAIN will trade to over 1$USD in the future. I find this marketing strategy unethical (not sure if ut can attract any legal events upon them too). But this may be only me. Please see rhe attached picture.

However, I believe that the marketing cost for StakeborgDAO is insignificant and we have the opportunity to get our name out there among other more well known DAOs.

For this, I am up for a partnership and for potentially having the founders on an DAOnauts AMA or Twitter Space.

P.S.: I like 2 things a lot: 1. They will cap the voting power to ensure a better voting outcome and 2., they offer 100 $DOMAIN airdrop for anyone, ensuring a large distribution of



Congrats for your drive, @ostanescu!

This sounds like a great way to contribute to both web 3.0 and the DAO ecosystem.

What rattles me a little bit is that the Domain DAO’s team is not doxxed but as you said, their participation in an AMA organized by @matei and 0xShinmen would benefit us and them also from different points of view.


Please be aware that DomainDAO offical website address is and the twitter is

The screenshot you posted is a scam!!!

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GM Stakeborgars,

The feedback time for the idea of a partnership between StakeborgDAO and DomainDAO expired yesterday. Although the feedback was not high in numbers, it was 100% positive.

Thus, I will take the idea to the next step and draft a proposal that will be uploaded on the Agora before the end of the week, providing another feedback window the week after.

Thank you very much for your support!

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Indeed, did some research and found tge account that uses your initiative. Please report this account:


I voted YES, but I would like to wait till they confirm something from the promises made, otherwise we risk to validate and being associated with something we don’t have in control of. After the intentions are confirmed, then we can proceed to:

Tweet announced the partnership and the support of Domain DAO’s mission. Monthly Tweet (bringing the spotlight over the mission and providing any important updates, reminder of StakeborgDAO’s support, etc.) for a period of 6 months.

After my DYOR, I found some points that made me think about it:

  • Among other things, their goal is to replace and supersede the .com domains in number of registrations (The .dao will replace and supersede .com ) that will be over 161 million new registered .dao domains.

  • Snapshot 4 members

  • Discord server 360 members after a year of existence (vs what they write on the official page:
    Of course, the DomainDAO community will be our key decision maker and help shape our long-term goal and roadmap )

  • There are others too, especially in relation to ICANN and the public auction for the custody of the .dao root zone, but I don’t want to exaggerate :))