Onboarding Process (part 1): Vision, Mission, Values

  1. Summary – a short description regarding the proposal, just a few sentences long

A few community members formed a working group to develop an onboarding process for new joiners. This new process looks, for the moment, at the following areas.

  1. Agreeing on the Vision, Mission and Values of our StakeborgDAO community
  2. Restructuring the StakeborgDAO Discord channels so that newcomers have a leaner start
  3. OnboardingBuddies program - a more personal onboarding option for new members (like a guided tour of our StakeborgDAO)
  4. Updating the Community Compass into a one-stop-shop for all knowledge about StakeborgDAO
  5. #LearningPath - gamified educational approach for new and old members to help them find their way from members to contributors

Because the project is rather complex and encompasses multiple building blocks, we’ll split it into parts and cover them in separate proposals for easier discussions and decision making. As the project develops, we may identify and incorporate additional blocks in the future.

**Today we’ll focus on the first point and invite you to discuss, debate and provide feedback.

  1. Motivation – explains what the problem/opportunity the proposal identifies and how it adds value to our DAO

Problem/Opportunity: Often times, conversations spark around the purpose of our DAO, what we are trying to achieve and how will we do it, as well as what we all have in common.

Solution/ Value add to our DAO: In order for our digital colony to grow and thrive, we need to start shaping our identity – know who we are as a community, what values we share, what we want to achieve and how we plan to do it. Having a common understanding of our vision, mission and values will provide us with a framework for all our actions and future projects, as well as serve as a point of reference, a lighthouse to guide us during the storms of web3. Additionally, having clear Vision, Mission & Values helps new joiners understand from the very beginning what we, as a community, stand for and decide if and how to get involved.

  1. Execution – what are the steps (detailed) needed to achieve the proposal’s goal (by who, how long it will take)

Who: all community members

What: Members should read the Vision, Mission and Values below. These are the values that we, from the onboarding team, noticed in our community and believe unite us. Let us know in the comments if you relate with these thoughts, or if there is something we should amend.

By when: we have about one week time, until Friday, April 8, end of day, to discuss and share feedback, after which, the onboarding team will incorporate the received ideas into a final version and share it with the community.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision at StakeborgDAO is to create a wealthy digital colony that represents a reference model for other DAOs and the crypto space in general.

We made our mission to become a vibrant incubation community that creates wealth to its members by cultivating a Web3 ecosystem of sub-DAOs and guilds, with a focus on DeFi applications.

Our values:

  • We believe in inclusiveness and in being kind
  • We believe that in real life (IRL) connections transcend into and define our Web3 interactions and values
  • We don’t shy away from bold experiments
  • We love thinkers as long as they become doers
  • We believe in educating ourselves, in learning from each other and in growing together.
  • We count on each member’s skills and contribution to shape the culture and grow the value of our community
  • At StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone
  1. Resources – what you need in terms of financing, Social Media support, etc

Considering attention is a scarce resource, the more people express their opinion regarding our vision, mission and values, the more we know they truly unite us. Therefore, for our proposal to ultimately achieve its goal we need support from all members to engage in this discussion.

  1. Success metrics and KPIs – how is success measured? What are the KPIs?

Engagement on Agora: 400 views, 100 likes, 20 replies

  1. Team background – who’s part of the team and what their background is

Onboarding team:












I 100% stand behind these values.

Congratulations on your work, onboarding team! You’re doing a very, very good job!


Super good job guys. I feel the mission is now clear.

It just struck me that another important value we should identify with is “openness to giving and receiving feedback”. Setting this in stone might remind us not to take criticism personally but to see it as a catalyst for reflection and improvement.

What do you think?


This is indeed valuable! Thank you for the suggestion :blue_heart:


Congratulations to all for your contribution!
Your initiative is very important, now it will help us to be guided by a format / direction!
Thank you all


Thank you for everything you do in helping Our Community! Love these values, I stand by them 100%. One of the things that struck me first when I joined the Discord channel, was how kind everyone was, irrespective of the questions being asked.


nice to see this post! With you guys! <3


Perfectly said. Its a long way to go but if we stand on our path will be there for sure!


Nice points of view!
Definitely, it’s a good and constructive start. I will be here to be part of our mission !


I think we want to gather around us a committed community, with a long-term vision, responsible, eager to learn and educate, passionate about the transition from the old world to the new world


I strongly believe that each of us has the freedom and the power to decide where we want to be to spend our time with pleasure.
the reason is that we share the same values: meritocracy, education, learning, knowledge, knowledge sharing, involvement, help and kindness.


Good job, totally agree! I would add fairness as value


Great job! These values should be the foundation of any DAO.


Congratulations for all members! I think you touched the essential part : Identity
Not just the new members, but even us need to know what are our Dao Mission,Vision and Value

Definitely this 3 major pillar’s who make the identity of a classic company’s very easily could be embraced by WEB3
Personally I will support your proposal because Dao for me is COMMUNITY and the members have values , missions and visions wich need to be brought into line, harmony.

We go big !


Thank you for the feedback. Just to understand better, when you think about “fairness” do you think about “meritocracy”?


Meritocracy as well, but what I meant was more that proposals and intiatives within the comunity should rise from fair intentions, not from personal, egoistic interests.


Love what you did there. The first thing to appreciate is that you’ve split the onboarding process in smaller parts that are easier to comprehend.
Keeping in mind that I like your proposal in its current form and I would vote for it anyway, I do have few things to say. Few years back I did a workshop about defining the core values for the company I was working for. The two takeaways that I still remember are:
The values should be:

  • Concise. If you could express them in two three words statements that would be great.
  • Low in numbers (no more than 5).

The idea being that hopefully people will easily remember and relate to them. For example in discord discussions you could type the two three words and the community would (hopefully) just know that you implied one of the values and would understand what it means.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have explanations attached to them. Going back to some of the values you’ve proposed, it would translate to something like this:

  • Inclusiveness is key - we believe in inclusiveness and in being kind.
  • Be a doer - we love thinkers as long as they become doers.

About keeping only few of them… I do think that some are stating the same basic idea. For example: “We love thinkers as long as they become doers” and “At StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone”. All of them could be presented as:

  • Be a doer - we love thinkers as long as they become doers; at StakeborgDAO we believe in #gettingshitdone.

All in all. Great job :wink:


I really like this, thank you for the input! I’m curious as to what the other onboarding process team believes about these, we could definitely work with this.


I love how you touched this point. I do remember that at times maybe we have been overly eager about showing our commitment to the community and maybe ignored or disregarded the opinions of other members of the community.
I also think that long term we will gain more if we conceive a set of guidelines for how to give and receive feedback so that we do not react from a personal standpoint when criticism is thrown our way or from us.


Thank you for taking the time to read through the proposal and provide feedback. I really like the suggestions and agree that the shorter and more concise we can phrase them, the easier will be for us to remember/ internalize them.
Furthermore, indeed, the idea of “being a doer” can be found in multiple entries there. I definitely see potential to condense them into one, thus also reducing their numbers.