Reanimating the community through a gamified system of missions V2.0

A. Summary
Hello everyone. I thought I’d edit the previous proposal by going CTRL+A / Delete, and rewriting it, but there is no such option for me yet. Therefore, if you stumble for the first time on this, you can refer to V1 of this proposal here - From the feedback I gathered, it seems like pretty much everyone is more or less familiar with the crew3 tool, which is actually a good thing, because I’d assume people knowing what I am talking about will get on board with this. Also, we already have a server on crew3 set in place, so we can use the already existing one.

B. Motivation
The motivation behind this is really simple, we are struggling getting our DAO members interacting with each other as well as giving a hand of help when needed even with the simplest tasks such as a retweet, a YouTube like etc. I’ve seen how this tool helped reanimating communities of some projects I am a part of, and I think we could really kick off ours as well. Having a DAO in which every member is involved in different ways in promoting or helping it even driven by a reward set in place, will take us a long way.

C. Execution
Setting up a server on CREW3 - :white_check_mark:

Giving everyone in our discord by default a new role (crew3 for example). The reason for this would be so that everyone gets a notification when we start the crew3 adventure. Of course, people will be able to uncheck that role if they are not interested in this, or do not want to take part in it.

I (The Bear) am available to take on myself the admin/moderator role for the whole thing. This means I would be the one to create the tasks, check people’s submissions and generally speaking managing the whole thing.

For the trial run, we can set a 2 weeks sprint. Depending on how long the discussions will take on this offer, we start next Monday after the proposal is accepted. I find 31st of October to be a realistic date, allowing us 10 days for discussions and the vote itself. Therefore the timing would be 31.10 to 13.11.

D. Resources
To raise up the motivation, I suggest to have in a place a rewards table as well. I am thinking 2000 STANDARD. Why this number? Crypto After Dark Giveaway is for 1000 STANDARDS, and it runs weekly (almost). So, my proposal is to have the rewards for 2 giveaways invested into this. The conditions Vlad has in place for people to enter the giveaway can be turned into a task on crew3. So, people who aim to gain the biggest prize will anyway have to watch the CAD episode and send the words as well as their feedback.

The rewards table can and should be discussed before the vote, but I am thinking about dividing 1000STANDARDS between first 3 places (500/300/200), and the rest split equally between 4th-10th places. Everything rewards related is up for discussion.

Also, for everyone taking part in this trial run we should get a unique discord role, to which we can find utility and special limited gifts at a later stage, if the trial run will succeed.

As about myself I am willing to do this trial run voluntarily, meaning I don’t request any financial incentive.

E. Success metrics and KPIs
Given that a significant part of the task will be social media related, this is where we’ll get our KPIs. I forecast a 100% (x2) increase in our twitter reaches and interactions, as well as a significant increase on discord activity, as some of the task will make people come out of their ”bunkers” and interact.

Depending on the success of this trial run, we can organize more rounds in the future with bigger rewards if we feel that we brought enough value out of it, and why not, maybe choose one of the ambassadors through this task/challenge system as well.

F.Team background
The Bear (Anatol Ursu) - World Bank Graphic Designer. Member of Stakborg DAO since day one, thanks to his premium newsletter subscription. During my 10+ years of design experience I’ve fulfilled several times an SMM position.

If anyone else wants to help (inventing tasks mostly), you’re welcome to join ”The Bear squad” with the only mention that an admin can not complete tasks and fight for the rewards set in place.


Hi @olywebart

I appreciate the improvement show in drafting the proposal and I still agree that using a tool like Crew3 for different tasks/ quests within our DAO would be something good to pursue.

I noticed the mentioned the 2 weeks sprint in your Proposal which target a few metrics. These metrics mainly refer to Twitter ( reach and interactions) and Discord (promising increased activity).

How do you plan to actually do this? How do the tasks for this sprint look like? Have you already drafted the requirements?

Will the 1000 $Standard be linked to only the first sprint? Or will is it thought per month/ season?

I also have a couple of other questions?

  • have you considered other tools as well beside Crew3?
  • have you reached out to the onboarding team to check why they gave up moving on with the tool?

I will be happy to brainstorm a couple of ideas for the first sprint! Hit me up!

However, before the proposal can go to vote, the tasks of the first sprint ( which should be made season wide ones, imo) should be clearly defined and presented, as well as the desired outcome and KPIs.

A clear description of the ranking and reward mechanism should also be provided.

I think you are on the right track and your proposal just need a bit of extra information on how things will actually work, and then I belive it’s ready to be sent for the vote.

Thank you for your feedback @ostanescu

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Through the missions I will post for the community, obviously. I can not give a full list here, as a lot of missions will derive from what is happening in the DAO while the sprint is running. So, besides the usual ”like, retweet” missions we can have a ”daily presence” mission, where you just have to log in and claim your XP. If, for example we have a vote going on during that period, then voting will be a mission itself - bossing the number of people who will vote, for the sake of making it to the top of the leaderboard. Go comment on a TikTok video, send feedback on on a CAD episode, or on a newsletter, etc. To summarize, I can not say how 1 given mission will increase our twitter metrics, but I do believe that as a sum, all the missions posted will boost both our twitter and discord metrics.

  2. I thought about the $STANDARD rewards only for the first sprint. If that seems too much, we can adjusts. My reasoning was that if we’re giving 1000 on a giveaway, we can use that same amount to split it for multiple users, and also for a little more effort than just sending 4 words to an email address.

  3. I did not consider other tools, for one reason that I don’t know any others. I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a long time for one of my personal projects. Crew3 is the one and only that I found to be working.

  4. I didn’t, from what I gathered, doing this requires a lot of time for someone to admin/moderate it.

  5. Presenting a full list of the tasks would kill the fun about it. These are not big tasks like the ones ambassadors have, to be clearly outlined, they are more like fun little missions to do, which would take 1 to 5 minutes to complete (or even less with a twitter like for example).

Also, an aspect I’d like to point out, based on your comment: This is not a proposal for setting up a plan of actions for everyone and give them 2 weeks to complete it. This is more like a ”city quest” type of thing where I (as the admin) plant all kind of little missions on a daily basis, and people who are passionate about this kind of things go ”hunting”. Each mission has its corespondent XP reward, which helps keep the leaderboard. So, you did the mission you got the XP, you moved up on the leaderboard.

If the $Standard rewards seem too high, we can drop them, this would kill the interest of some of the people, but it is what it is.

Are we doing it, or what?