Community Talks - Project proposal

Retroactive rewards proposal. 6 months of Season 1


Community Talks started as an idea to build a virtual safe space where community members can interact, discuss current issues, share and generate new ideas, as well as meet each other beyond the Discord avatars.

Before we dive into the main subject, we would like to present to you the context in which Community Talks was created.

In December 2021, when StakeborgDAO Community was very young, everything was new for us, channels were still being created on Discord and the whole platform was new
for many members, Jenny had a small chat with Mtk and other members of the community. The main topic was “What’s going on with Voice Channels?” and this is how the idea of Community Talks was born.

The community was very active and no one could keep up with everything that was going on, even if we wanted to. Community Talks appeared when most of the community members needed a voice, when we needed to associate the Discord nicknames with the people behind them.

Community Talks was a community project, since the beginning, a project meant to give our DAO a voice. We started by choosing our guests through forms and continued to identify the community’s hot subjects and debate them together.

Our first guests were invited through an Invitation Form where Shinmen and Matei were chosen by the community. Since the beginning, the power of our DAO to choose the best guests was proven since they are 2 of our most precious members who also became part of the Core Team shortly after.

We tried and we like to think we succeeded to have the most active members from our community invited as guests in key moments. All moderators, ambassadors and a big part of the members involved in different projects accepted our invitation and we created some of the best memories on the podcast.

Even more, something that we are really proud of is that Community Talks was a launchpad for other projects like Onboarding, but also a safe place to debate and promote other projects like TDI, Daosphere, Bring Web3 and DAOThon. We all used this virtual space and step by step it became “home” for any member of our community and we drew attention to the initiatives that were underway.

Community Talks Season 1 was the playground that gave us the opportunity to try, make mistakes, improve and see what better suits the project. We have lots of examples of things that worked for a while, but which we gave up like the Guild from XYZ, a fact that proves that we have always been attentive to what the community wants, we took the pulse and acted accordingly, something we want to take with us in Community Talks Season 2, even if its purpose will inevitably be different.


In the first days of this project, we didn’t know what to expect nor what resources would be needed. Our goal was to create a project that StakeborgDAO Community will love and we did our best to create a structure based on this.

For this reason, in Season 1 we had the following roles:

  • Project Manager: Jenny and Vru
  • Moderator: Jenny and Vru
  • Social Media: Jenny
  • Designer + Tehnic: DubluDe

Each role had different responsibilities and as the project became more mature we added new ones. By the end of Season 1, we had the following responsibilities:

We had a blast in Season 1 and we hope you did too. We cannot thank you enough for being there for us and with us even when our hardware or internet connection seem to not work properly. You are the reason Community Talks became one of the most important projects of our DAO and for that we are humble.

In 6 months of Community Talks we have learned that you can change the community’s dynamic, bring a smile on people’s faces and motivate them to invest time and resources in creating new projects, meet-ups and much more in just 3 people.

With your permission, we would like to request Retroactive Funding for Season 1. The core reason behind Retroactive Funding request is simple: it’s easier to agree on what was useful than what will be useful.

We have done some research which consisted in checking other DAOs rewards for each position and also DeWork bounties. Most of the bounties reward USDC which is not important to us at the time of writing this proposal, we have seen 60 CODE for a POAP, 60 CODE for a gif, 200 USDC for hosting 2 Journal Clubs / month, 500 USDC for a Project Manager and so on.

Our main goal is to get Voting Power and given the fact that we had many tasks/week, the above costs seem a bit too high. For this reason, we tried to create an average rate per hour for each role based on how many tasks it had to perform (for example Design took some Technical tasks as well, one member was SM, PM and Mod, and so on), members knowledge, how stressful it is and how much time each task required.

Rewards Distribution
We propose a 50% from the total 13003 (6501.5 STANDARD) to be rewarded in SFC Season 1 on a monthly basis (2167.16 STANDARD/month), a 7.34% impact on SFC Season 1 and 50% (6501.5 STANDARD) in SFC Season 2 on a monthly basis (2167.16 STANDARD/month), a 7.22% impact from the total of 90000 STANDARD (assuming SFC will have a total supply of 90000 in SFC Season 2).

The rewards will be sent to a Gnosis Safe wallet.

For season 1 we had the following KPIs results:

To round this up, at the end of Season 1 and six months after it launched, here are some of the highlights:

  • First episode on 18th of January;
  • 43 unique guests (some of them attended more than once);
  • 21 editions of Community Talks;
  • ATH of participants: 118 (on Discord);
  • More than 1000 attendees in 21 editions;
  • Introduced POAPs for the first time in our community;
  • A total of 175 POAPs were minted;
  • 2 youtube channels with a total of: 190 followers and 1700 views;
  • Moved the activity from Discord to Twitter Spaces;
  • Created a safe environment for contributors to interact, aggregate around ideas, and start working together. Onboarding is one such projects that was born from the Community Talks vibe and is still ongoing;
  • Managed to shine a spotlight and bring awareness towards all community initiatives;

Thank you, but we are not done yet!


Season 2 proposal. For a period of 3 months


Community Talks is back!

There is no secret that Community Talks Season 1 was a huge success and we cannot thank you enough for that! You can read more about the success criteria in the first part of the proposal.

With Season 2, we hope to give you even more unforgettable moments and see new and old faces interact, debate and have a fun time doing so.

As the bear market continues and the whole global economy seems to have a harsh time, people tend to incline the F&G Index to the left and put activities on hold.
We truly hope to create a safe and enjoyable environment for them every Tuesday at 20:30 UTC+2.


Usually, when we think of a Season 2, we want something new and improved. This is why our main goal was to detect internal and external difficulties.

Our biggest struggle in Season 1 was with completing daily tasks in order to have new episodes every week and, as a team of 3, we had a lot of challenges to keep Season 1 engaging and fun. For this reason, we have redesigned how Community Talks operates at an organizational level as follows:

  • Project Manager: 1 FTE
  • Moderator: 3 FTE
  • Social Media: 1 FTE
  • Designer: 1 FTE
  • Technic: 1 FTE
  • Advisor: 1 FTE

This will help us split the tasks among specific teams and create a more sustainable project. Because StakeborgDAO members and colleagues are of great importance to us, we’ve put great emphasis on decreasing stress levels, increasing free time and overall wellness of our colleagues. This is the reason we want to create a bigger team.

A rather small problem our community encountered in Season 1 was finding old or new episodes on YouTube since they are hidden. Even if this seems a small issue that could have been solved really quickly by searching for them on the dedicated Community Talks Discord Channel, the amount of messages on Discord was overwhelming so we tried to find a way to solve this by finding a way that will also create opportunities for Community Talks.

This is how was born. Our brand new website!

Here you will be able to see all episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 (when available), find more information about Community Talks project and Season KPIs (work in progress), and provide anonymous feedback or suggestions.

We will do our best to improve the project and website by implementing your suggestions and creating a place where each one of you can have fun, chat and create relationships.


We plan to start in November and we would like to keep a weekly recurrence, this being the reason why we are looking for 3 moderators.

The first 3 weeks will have a similar format as the first season, but instead of 2 moderators all the time there should be only one, or two when needed. For the 4th week we asked the ambassadors and they happily accepted to hold the podcast to present their reports and debate ideas and maybe problems that are faced in the community. In this way we are trying to cover more with Season 2, we want to give Community Talks more purposes, to be an evolved version of Season 1.

The first 3 weeks would also be a bit different one from another, since the moderators will be different and they will be able to choose the subjects or the guests. We would like to choose the 3rd moderator and a Social Media member together with the community so there will be an application and we will vote together. The team will have a total of 50% of the voting power and the community will have a total of 50%.

As for POAPs, they are back! And will be distributed to CT Guests only.


As Season 2 comes as a more robust project, we now have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager

With more teams involved, we have polished the costs and tasks.


Rewards Distribution

For Season 2 we propose a monthly reward of 2,700.63 STANDARD that add to a total of 8,101.9 (8451.9 - 350 for SFC) STANDARD with an impact of 9.15% from the total of 88,499.27 available and an impact of 9.88% from the total of 81,997.77 STANDARD after the 50% from Community Talks Season 1 is distributed.

Both proposals** (CT Season 2 + 50% of CT - S1) will have a total impact of 16.5% from the total supply of 88,499.27 STANDARD of SFC Season 1.

The rewards will be sent to a Gnosis Safe wallet.
SFC Compensation was excluded.

For Season 2 we have the following KPIs:

We are really proud of Season 1 and we hope to see you all soon in Season 2!

These being said, we are seeing a bright future for Community Talks and we hope that this proposal will not only bring our project to the next level, but will also be an encouragement for the other projects to continue to add value to our community. We are more than happy to start a new chapter and we hope that you will help us, because Community Talks can’t exist without the community, it just wouldn’t make sense.

With love and gratitude,
Community Talks Team


Imi place! Zici ca-i scrisa de mine :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


salutare, ma bucur enorm ca se pune in miscare proiectul, mentionez ca nu am stat sa cuget in detaliu peste acele sume cerute catre SFC si impactul care il poate avea si etc, eu o sa sustin proposal-ul :partying_face:


Multumim! Suntem disponibili aici si pe Discord pentru orice intrebare sau nelamurire :slightly_smiling_face:


:partying_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not only I fully support this proposal and am extremely happy CT is back, but I encourage you to revise the proposal and include equipment which will enable you to have greater podcast quality.

I’ll leave some links in here for inspiration:


Thank you! We thought about equipment, however we decided not to include it in the current proposal due to how the market looks at the moment (we must’ve request STANDARD and sell it). It is on top of our list and we will probably include it in Season 3 proposal.


I would still encourage you to do it. Some selling pressure on STANDARD is expected if we want funding projects through SFC to make any sense. It is not something we should be afraid of, but be cautious of.

CT is probably the most influential StakeborgDAO project and it must receive all the support it needs in order to grow.

There’s also a certain virality aspect to CT. If it catches traction outside of the DAO, it needs to be prepared to ride it. Without the proper funding and equipment CT risks to lose momentum when it becomes viral. I think that’s more dangerous than a thousand dollars selling pressure on STANDARD.

As for S3 of CT… maybe you will decide on a video format by then.

To get a better feeling for the support this would have, I suggest making a separate proposal for equipment funding.


I am really thrilled to see you all reigniting Community Talks, as it’s one of the cornerstones of our community! Definitely supporting this proposal and would totally encourage you to follow andreiv’s advice regarding budgeting for equipment :wink:


Thank you so much RaluW! We will definitely explore the idea of a separate proposal for equipment funding.:relaxed:


Love to see you back, people. I like the proposal and the way you broke it down into chewable pieces. I’d like to add some thoughts too:

  1. I find the format with 3 individual moderators interesting, and it worth trying having one/edition, but please consider these 2 factors:
  • 2 moderators will always make the show more dinamic. Also, if any of them ever finds itself in an awkward situation, it may get immediate support from its colleague. 1 Moderator/edition + the ambassadors week may create a gap too big for any of you and you may find yourselves a bit rusty when your time comes. Think about a 2 team moderators where you can rotate each week ( Mod 1 + Mod 2; Mod 2 + Mod 3; Mod 1 + Mod 3; Ambassadors week)
  • 2 moderators on stage means unity, coordination, teamwork, support…community.
  1. If you choose to keep the 2 mods format, I would reccomend to encourage an extra lady to step in this way there will always be a lovely voice in the audience (sorry, @Vru :white_heart:), alternatively, the gender won’t matter. However, this space is very blunt and require much more feminine presence, to attract it, we need to empower it.

  2. I support @andrei’s suggestion of getting equipment, and I would vote positive if a separate proposal would ask for it. The only issue I could see coming is that (now or in the future) your morality could be unfairly questioned. Why? There is no physical office where “you can return the equipment” if you cease your activity. Here you may find a way, maybe use some funds from the retroactive proposal, or maybe you can generate enough from staking activities (I know, this will clinch with the idea of accumulating voting power, but remember…if you own the asset, you can own the arguments).

  3. I know you want to declutter your time hence the increased team size, but please consider that the 3rd moderator can take the SM tasks if they have the time, capabilities and willingness to earn some extra standard.

  4. The idea of the website is so cool, keeping everything clean and tidy. I suggest you maximise its usage and increase its presence on social media.

  5. The 70 people ATH may be a struggle this mood of the market and this time of the year. The Ambasadors week may have an AMA effect and reach that, but you may struggle to achieve it, and is one of those things you may not be able to control. There is a way though: one of your invitees to be…and MUST be, Vlad Mercori. All in all, please consider to lower that ATH audience.

  6. I love you guys and thanks for doing this for us, I will fully support you on this initiative.


This is the single proposal I can say something.

That’s great!!

You deserve the rewards for season 1. This project made the community more united and powerful.

Community Talks is the fire where we meet togheter in the eveaning.


The greatest actions of humanking travelled the time through tales narrated around the fire. I like your analogy, @serban.


congratulations. I am glad that you took the individual initiative, I hope you will be an example for the rest of the projects as well. I hope that in the future you will switch to a video format. you have my support mfers​:heart_on_fire::metal:


Congratulation, CT team!
You have my support for this proposal.
In my opinion, CT is our DAO project that gathered us together as a community to know each other better.
Undoubtedly, your initiative will be followed by the other projects developed in our DAO.
See you in season 2!


Hi @Mtk, thank you for your feedback!

  1. The decision to have only one moderator per episode was taken because we have learned a lot in Season 1 and we have also experienced how hard it is to check :white_check_mark: everything for one episode and then moderate it. At the same time, it is a huge commitment and sometimes life happens exactly on that day and many sacrifices were made. We don’t even know how much the episode will take. Now, I’m not telling that there will always be one moderator per episode, there will probably be episodes with 2. Your suggestion will be discussed internally as it was already something we considered doing.

  2. We will have a form for applications and then voted so we can work with our community on this. However, we may try and contact some members that we think could do a great job.

  3. I had a chat with @Jenny and @Vru and we are still discussing the idea. The “return your equipment if you cease your activity” issue arised immediately and we are exploring solutions. One may imply a more corporate approach like for example you may keep the equipment if you are part of X seasons or return it to @DubluDe, @Jenny or @Vru so we can send it to another colleague. However, there is no guarantee we will receive the equipment. We will discuss this further as it is really important.

  4. CT Team members can have more than one position, if someone from our team wishes to take SM he/she is more than welcome to do so.

  5. Thank you! I personally have some plans for the website that will make it more important for CT. These ideas will be discussed with our PM @Jenny to find the best implementation.

  6. We were aware of this since the beginning of the proposal, however we think we have what it takes to achieve it. We would also love to see Vlad on Community Talks.

  7. We love you too, all of you!

Thank you all for your support!


Thank you for your support @serban !


We hope to see more projects reborn or new projects appear as well! Thank you @NIRV4N4!
The video format is being discussed :slight_smile:

Thank you @IulianLoiso! We really appreciate it!


Thanks for your support Marian


Great job @Vru @Jenny and @DubluDe ! I will repeat myself here as well. Your proposal should be used as an example for all future projects, in terms of research, structure and detail.

I fully support your proposal and I am happy that CT is back! We missed you.

A few points from my side:

  • equipment is indeed necessary in order to provide the highest quality. However, I agree that this should come as a separate proposal. By looking at the KPIs - having the equipment, or not, starting with this season won’t make a difference in reaching those KPIs (imo).

BUT this should be a priority for preparation of Season 3.

  • I also appreciate the way you thought of the community inclusion in deciding how will be selected for the open positions.

  • I think there was a misunderstanding from where the 350 $Standard for SFC should come from. My understanding is that those 350 $Standard will be allocated from the SFC’s budget. See below the reply of @matei :

The allocated sums (not to be budgeted under the projects but under the SFC’s total budget – that of 90k STANDARD) were chosen based on both historical activity and reward relative to the effort of the Ambassadors, the only other contributors rewarded by the SFC.

  • if the Ambassadors are taking one of the 4 CTs per month, will they be rewarded as Moderators, giving that they will host the CT by themselves? Or this refers only to the core CT Team?

  • the website is great both as structure and look and feel. However, it needs a bit of fine tuning. I know you are on it so I don’t worry about it.

  • coming to the website - can you tell us more about that awesome NFT ? :smiley:

That was all from my side for now! Congratulations once more and can’t wait to share the news about the first episode.


We´ll considerate the idea of getting a new equipment for a better quality of the podcast and will come up with a decision. Thanks for all your support you´ve given us along the way. love!