StakeborgDAO Financial Committee Season 1


The pilot season of the SFC (season 0) has ended and, as we prepare to enter the new one, it’s a good time to reflect on the past 4 months. The SFC was established via the first proposal voted on Snapshot and the subsequent on-chain vote to send the funds in the multisig wallet:


The structure proposed a 1.5% of the DAO’s treasury (90.000 STANDARD tokens) to be allocated seasonally to the SFC to boost the growth of the Stakeborg DAO ecosystem by giving grants towards individual projects, guilds, subDAOs and contributor payments. The SFC sees fit to continue with the same proposed budget into the next season.

Grants awarded

To date, the SFC funded 2 of 3 proposals requiring financial resources, namely the D2D partnership with DomainDAO established by Ostanescu via Snapshot and the Ambassador’s Program, kickstarted by Endi via Snapshot.

  • The DomainDAO partnership proposal aims at securing a .dao domain for our DAO (stakeborg.dao) as well as raising awareness of us.
  • The Ambassadors Program brought forward influential leaders that act on behalf of StakeborgDAO at meetings, on social media and generally in the outside world.


Given recent overall DAO activity dropping significantly, the required time for operating the SFC is hard to estimate. For this reason, we believe that, until the space picks up the pace and StakeborgDAO does too, the committee shall not be compensated in tokens for their activity.

The team

As initially proposed, the team is formed of 1 lead and 6 reviewers controlling a 4/7 multisig. Moving forward, the SFC believes that this setup is ideal all the while there is a (needed) change in committee members as follows:

  • Lead: Vlad
  • Reviewers:
    • Mihnea - will be stepping down
    • Matei
    • Bogdan Gheorghe
    • Alex Tudorache
    • RaluW - will be stepping down
    • 1johnny

Given continuous involvement in the DAO, the SFC proposes MTK to fill in Mihnea’s place. We see a need for increased presence and involvement of the community in internal initiatives as well as a fresh, different perspective on the SFC operations. Thus, we’ve focused on the need of decentralization mentioned in the first SFC proposal.

The other place (RaluW’s) is therefore open for the taking through a public election on the Forum in the comments. For community members and the SFC to take notice of your application, please use the comment section below and answer the following questions:

  • What’s your past and current involvement in StakeborgDAO?
  • What are your skills and/or experience recommending you for this position?
  • Why do you think you’re a good fit for this position?

Expanded proposal

During this season, the SFC observed both internal and external behavior towards proposals and strongly believes that the SFC should be a guiding body and not become a bottleneck for proposals. There needs to be a clearer purpose for the committee and, the way we see it is for the SFC to be a more passive entity, expressing its view on proposals with concrete arguments and letting the community decide what’s best, given its input.

In this way, the SFC allows community members to express their votes all the while providing a general sentiment backed by reason.

Another issue raised by current conditions is that of the STANDARD tokens held by the multisig. As the initial SFC proposal states, the SFC will return the said tokens back to the treasury, only to enact another on-chain vote and get back the full sum for the season (90.000 STANDARD). However, due to the state of the space and the work SFC has done during its preseason, there have hardly been any expenditures and, as such, the sum is almost intact (88,499.27 STANDARD at the moment of writing). One way of avoiding this is to keep the funds as they are and continue using them for the season to come (accounting for the 1500 STANDARD shortage).


Via this proposal we ask DAO members to discuss and vote on the following matters:

  • Introducing compensation or not
  • MTK as a new member of the committee, replacing Mihnea
  • Keeping the STANDARD tokens in the multisig over returning them

The proposal is initially meant to gather feedback from the community on the specific issues raised. After any possible changes to the proposal, we’ll move onto Snapshot to have everyone vote and, should the vote be positive, the SFC will continue its role in grants & rewards applications.



It’s good to hear more things about the SFC.

My thoughts on this.

  1. The compensation part.

The SFC team will be composed of 4 core team members and 3 community members. I do see a reason to compensate the team. My first thought was to compensate just the non-core team members since they are the only ones that are not yet receiving any compensation from the DAO. But I don’t consider this fair to the other team members. A quick solution would be to have a budget of let’s say 1000 Standard and let them decide the compensation within the SFC. (Consider this just an idea).

  1. I support MTK for this position. He would represent the community voice since he is one of the most or even the most active and available members of the DAO. He interacts with any member of the DAO on a 1 on 1 level and in any group conversation/debate.

  2. Keeping the already available Standard in the multisig would be the smartest choice. No extra gas fee is required.


Hi @matei and fellow #stakeborgars,

Here’s my feedback on the current proposal:

Introducing compensation or not - at curent volume of work I don’t see it necessary. However, based on current events made me realize that even the smallest perceived effort is an opportunity cost in relation with smth else. Thus, I would propose that for this season the members of the SFC to receive an amount of $Standard based on their activity ( e.g. to fragment the main actions into sort of bounties : posting a proposal ( 10 $standard), replying to feedback ( 5 $Standard), voting ( x $standard ) and so on.

Otherwise a fixed amount, to be proposed by current SFC.

MTK as a new member of the committee, replacing Mihnea - Hell yeah! (All the love to Mihnea)

Keeping the STANDARD tokens in the multisig over returning them - Don t see a reason for why not!

Now coming to the fun part.

Disclaimer: my below application can be exempted for this season’s compensation (if any gets agreed). Wanted to mention this is order to keep the bias away in regards to the above idea.

I would like to apply for the remaining open seat at SFC as I would like to bring my community knowledge and professional interests into providing more value to our DAO from this position. Below my answers to the application questions:

What’s your past and current involvement in StakeborgDAO?

I have been part of StakeborgDAO from (almost) the begining (Nov 21) and have been an active contributor ever since.

Besides being involved in several peojects initated by the community, I was also involved in pretty much all discussions and brainstorming sessions held by the community.

I was also part of the first Ambassadors team and proudly being selected for the 2nd wave of Ambassadors, as Travelling Ambassador.

What are your skills and/or experience recommending you for this position?

Professionally my background lies in hospitality and event management but I have also experience in B2B sales (same industry). However, I am passionate about business operations and project management. I am also a fan of structure and clearly defined goals and scope.

I look forward bringing my learnings in helping teams develop strong business cases and plans.

Why do you think you’re a good fit for this position?

I believe to be up to date with everything that’s going on inside the community, have created meaningful connections with the core contributors and understand the dynamics of our DAO.

I am also interested in adding more value to our DAO by being in the possition of providing relevant and growth oriented feedback to the teams that decide to build inside StakeborgDAO.



  • I don’t think compensation is necessary for SFC, in the first pilot season he didn’t give me the impression that he had a lot of work to do. The fairest thing would be for this vote to take place at the end of an SFC season, on Snapshot, for the community to decide. If things will move at a very high speed, being more than 3 proposals (for example) then we can activate the reward, after a structure, when the conditions are met.

  • MTK is the right man for any open position in StakeborgDAO. I go with him hand in hand, I trust him!

  • this should be a permanent decision from now on, for easy tracking. I think it makes the most sense to keep the tokens and just top up the difference to 90k.

  • Ostanescu is the next right one for SFC, I support him with love!


we must have you in SFC, you are a ninja fighter and together with MTK you can be an important voice for the DAO community


Thank you for your support @Erwin !


Thank you, @NIRV4N4 !


I believe that with @Mtk and @ostanescu joining the SFC, the voice of the Stakeborg DAO community will be very well represented on the committee!

In regards to rewarding the SFC contributors, I opt for finding some sort of recognition mechanism (a training, free tickets to TST for a defined period of time, or anything else that says “thanks for choosing to participate instead of staying on the sideline”).


I would start by congratulating @ostanescu for stepping in. I like his critical thinking way of being and his energy when he’s defending own arguments in a debate. But what I love most is his capacity to undersand the opposite arguments and to find the common ground for the best interest of a group. He’s a team player all the way.

I like @RaluW’s ideea of incentivising the members in other ways than $STANDARD as it pushes for creativity and does not affect the SFC pool. With the exposure they get, he SFC members can act later as proposal advisors in various projects and initiatives where they can capitalise. It’s important that the funds to he distributed for those who apply for them in order to build, as they need incentives to rev up the engines.


Hi all,
I vote YES for compensation
MTK - welcome, you are doing a grest job!
Keep available Standard in the multisig

Have a great day!



• Maybe we could compensate the leaving members as they were part of SFC Bootstrapping Team. 333 STANDARD seems to be the new standard :wink:

• I support MTK for this position.
• As ostanescu is the only applicant, I support his position as well. However, I think guidance is needed as he doesn’t seem to know the proposal flow.

• In my opinion, keeping the available Standard in the multisig would be the best decision.

  • Introducing compensation or not

As long as this is revised at regulator intervals, in case the activity picks-up, I think it’s ok to go maybe for 1 or 2 seasons without compensation.
Afterwards a compensation based on a formula of the number of proposition analysed during a season could be set in place.

  • MTK as a new member of the committee, replacing Mihnea

I do want to see people with entrepreneurial experience in this committee, so I think MTK is a good fit.

  • Keeping the STANDARD tokens in the multisig over returning them

I agree to this.



As a Standard holder, my vote will go to postpone this proposal till will reach more visibility, interest, and feedback from the holders and community. Of the 8 proposals that have been written so far, this one has the lowest interest and feedback.

For encouraging teams and initiatives SFC should come up with a plan for how to use the tokens that are left from Season 0, just to keep them in the wallet without a plan it looks like don’t know what to do. A bad investment or a failed one is much better and more valuable than missing opportunities.

Hi @DubluDe ! Can you please detail this: However, I think guidance is needed as he doesn’t seem to know the proposal flow.

Nothing against it, just wanted to learn what I can do better in the future, regarding your above point. I assume where your comment is coming from, but better to ask than assume.

Looking forward to your answer :slight_smile:


Hi @MAC,

The fact that this proposal had the lowest interraction from all eight proposed until now, has mainly to do with holder’s interest in getting actively involved in the DAO’s business. I don’t think that operations should stop in order to receive feedback from those that don’t see this as a priority.

It is what it is. I hope that in the near future we will get better at understanding what being part of a DAO entails, and I will put efforts into this, together with the other Ambassadors, Moderators and Community Manager.

In regars to the $Standard buget, it’s not in the SFC’s attributions to promote/ incentivize proposal creation.

The question was that instead of sending back the 88.5K+ of remaining from Sez 0, just to reallocate 90K imediatelly after, if it would be better to keep the 88.5K and account for the missing 1.5K in case the entire budget gets to be consumed (which is very unlikely to happen give the current conditions).


Hi, “Partnership DOMAIN DAO & STAKEBORG DAO” proposal was first created on Snapshot and after that on Agora.

If the proposal was already voted on Snapshot, what is the point in creating an Agora thread for feedback ? What could have been changed by the community’s feedback ?
Everybody voted what was in front of them without having the opportunity to provide feedback on Agora.

Maybe feedback has/could have been provided on Discord. However, if this was Discord’s purpose we wouldn’t need Agora.

I don’t want to be a smart-a**e, but there is a reason behind this flow.


Thank you! Indeed was exacty what I assumed, so allow me to explain:

Indeed I hurried up (not intentionally) and after the first round of feedback I moved the proposal on the Snapshot.

However, the flow that I followed was the following:

  • post the idea on Ideas & Suggestions ( here on the Agora). This was because I wanted to follow the right process and keep discussion about a possible Proposal here on the Agora.
  • I made the announcement about the above on Discord and sent several reminders.
  • since there was no feedback that incrementally would have changed the form of the proposal, I moved it directly to Snapshot. Here, indeed, I hurried up and missed to post the Snapshot Proposal under Proposal section, here on the Agora. This is the step that I missed.
    However, I noticed that and was in contact with SFC which saw it as an honest mistake, agreed that the feedback received does not change the proposal, and allowed me to continue with the vote.

Thus, I would like to state that I am aware of the process (in-full), now even more due to the above mistake, and I will be more dilligent for future proposals.

Thank you for pointing this out and that we had this discussion out in the open so that there are no misinterpretations!

If you or anyone else still have questions about it, I will be happy to answer them!


Thank you! Now I fully understand what happened.
I really appreciate your reply! :pray:


Hi all, my point of view is this:

  1. Introducing compensation - YES (to all core members and the old members that contributed for Stakeborg DAO, they earn it and we the community should thank you for all the hard work an quality information you guys offer on the stakeborg site and on discord).
  2. MTK new member- OK. (Ostanescu stepping in also OK). Both are old, valuable and loyal members and they are both very active, even in the bearmarket.
  3. Keeping the $STANDARD tokens in the multisig.
    Have a great day, One for all and all for DAO !