Present Construct in Amsterdam

Hi, everyone, I am MEANiX. You either know me from a while back or from The Crypto Insider NL. My goal is to bring music into web3 and to position Stakeborg as a reliable partner for any music institutions/organizations/professionals who want to dive into this space.

The purpose of this proposal is to bring Construct in front of high-potential future clients/partners. Most music professionals fear web3 because of its supposed difficulty. Some of them release NFT collections but then stop. Construct is a tool that would create significant value for record labels, independent artists, and other parties alike since it brings artists and fans closer together. In an industry where fans are used to supporting their favorite artists fanatically, Construct has a high potential of becoming a standard.


Construct has disruptive potential in the music industry. On top of the discussions that the core team is having with high-level individuals to start getting users (such as artists) on the platform, I would like to present an opportunity for Construct to become visible to the eyes of top music industry professionals in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is said to be having the greatest EDM scene in the world, with names such as Spinnin Records, Armada Music, Martin Garrix, and others, dominating this genre worldwide. With the aim of showing the people working in this sector how web3 can enhance entertainment experiences, I will be organizing a sizable event in Amsterdam on the 24th of February under the premise of launching Amsterdam’s first web3 virtual music artist. I hope to be bringing Construct in front of the 100+ web3 and music minds that will be attending.

My main objective of this event is to showcase that web3 tools and approaches can be easy and practical to use. Among everything that will be happening that night, as you will see below, there will be an NFT drop with the virtual artist’s first song. In a partnership with Authic Labs, one of the most popular Dutch web3 startups (they have just received an investment of $1m), we will be giving attendees the opportunity to become the first authentic fans of this virtual artist by minting an NFT on a white label marketplace provided by Authic. The process is very simple, it does not even require a wallet, one can pay by card, and it is meant to prove that web3 should not scare any decision-maker.

In this context, I believe Construct is a perfect fit. I not only wish to promote the new tool of the DAO, but to present it as the next step that should be taken after minting that NFT. I want to tell everyone there that Construct would be an incredibly valuable tool for any artist who wants to transform their NFT-holding superfans into a community that can directly impact the career of the artist.

Let’s break everything down.


As mentioned earlier, on the 24th of February, I will be organizing a sizable event in Amsterdam with W3bLab, the biggest community of web3 builders in the Dutch capital, to bring web3 and music industry minds together and show them how web3 can enhance entertainment experiences. The headline of the night will be the launch of Amsterdam’s first web3 virtual music artist.

His name is Steroid Ron.


Steroid Ron is one of the 3 virtual artists that The Poser Party, a project born in Amsterdam, is releasing with the aim of involving the community, the fans, the posers as they call them, in managing their careers.

The night consists of:

  • Performance by Steroid Ron that blurs the line between physical and digital
  • Panel discussion with Thunderboom Records & Mystery Guest
  • NFT mint made easy - Collect Ron’s first song as an NFT with just a few clicks
  • Exclusive DJ set with unreleased music from The Poser Party
  • Networking with top management professionals from the music and web3 industries

Additional Info:

  • Expected Attendance: 100-200 participants
  • Location: Club Atelier, one of the most notorious underground clubs in Amsterdam
  • Partners: Authic Labs, W3bLab, Thunderboom Records


We are only looking to break even on the event and offer the tickets as cheaply as possible so people can easily join us. Although everyone involved has reduced their costs to make this happen, we are looking for $1600 from the Construct DAO in exchange for the benefits listed below so we can cover the remaining expenses (remaining expenses in the comments)

I used a standard TWAP method for the last 30 days for calculating the precise amount of tokens needed:

As a result, the total proposed amount for funding this proposal is:

$1630 / $0.2638 = 6179 STANDARD

Benefits for Construct:

This is what the Construct DAO members can expect in exchange for the $1600 contribution:

  • Logo present on all marketing materials
  • 3 shoutouts during the event
  • 30-sec highlight on the value Construct brings to artists & fans in front of top music professionals from the Netherlands
  • Content (photo & video) from the event. Construct can use it later for promotion
  • 20 free tickets for members to attend the event, first come, first served (DM me if the proposal passes)
  • Exclusive access to Ron’s first Music NFT drop. Not definitive, there are 2 scenarios:
    • The NFT drop is private and free (only gas fees): those physically present + stakeborg members have access to mint
    • The NFT drop will be public and have a price - stakeborg gets free mint

Parties Involved:

The biggest community of web3 builders in Amsterdam:

  • I am part of the core team that has bootstrapped the community
  • Over 350 members in Amsterdam and 1000+ across 5 European capitals
  • 40+ events & programs so far
  • 2k+ total attendees
  • Worked with the likes of Polygon and Lens Protocol

Authic Labs:

Authic Labs is one of the most notorious web3 startups in the Netherlands, building a white-label NFT marketplace that gives companies and organizations the tools needed to connect with new customers. They have just received a $1m investment to develop their platform further.

The Poser Party:

The first web3 record label launching virtual artists from Amsterdam. With a team of industry professionals, they are now exploring the boundaries of web3 music.

Steve Aoki, KSHMR, and Spinnin Records are a few of the names these people have worked with in the past.

Thunderboom Records:

Thunderboom Records is the most notorious record label for virtual artists in the Netherlands, using AI in novel ways to build the artists of the future. They are very present in Amsterdam’s EDM scene participating in events such as Amsterdam Dance Event.


Remaining Costs:
Remaining costs


Hi, @MEANiX. I will start by congratulate you on all what you do in the NFT space and I wish you all the best to succeed, including the event you’re setting up in Amsterdam.

Now, DAO business.

As you may be aware, at the Stakeborg DAO Summit last autumn, when Vlad Mercori was asked about the Construct and how the community could help reviving the DAO based on a potentially successful product, he said that it is early to release in these market conditions. He reiterated a number of times how important the go-to market timing was to ensure the healthy launch of a product. Now, given that the market structure didn’t change, but even worsened, I shall assume that the right time to launch a product is not upon us yet. I dare to say that judging by Vlad’s bearish public take on the Macro market conditions he agrees on this. Personally, I do not believe it is wise to spend the say amount of $STANDARD from the treasury at the moment. I believe that the event itself will not satisfy the ROI on this occasion, and a thorough marketing strategy should be discussed within the community. One that can cover a broader web 3, audience and in times that are more attention abundant.
I let you with a few questions:

  • Will there be a Construct Product launched by the time of the event?
  • Do you believe that the proposed Benefits for Construct will justify the required amount? (Please refer to Benefits for Construct section), and if so, I am very happy to debate, with arguments.
  • Treasury management and diversification was an old subject in Stakeborg DAO, one that unfortunately wasn’t leveraged enough even in the good times of the DAO. Adding a music NFT to it was never part of it (I know that the NFT is part of perks, but realistically will end in the treasury). Treasury management and diversification should prevail IMO and a decision about that should be made before the end of current proposal.
  • If this proposal moves further, wouldn’t be wiser that the partnership to be made with them and they can funnel the funds into event? This may create a long term partner for Stakeborg DAO.
    -Stakeborg DAO community became a ghost town. Since December 1st we could only 30ish people interacting, sporadically, including people from the team. None of the people interacting is you. I do remember that you have said in the past that you are not a Discord person, I respect that and I will assume that this is the case for your overall activity.
  • At the time I write this message, There were 46 views for your proposal, but only 3 likes. This reaffirm the overall interest.

This being said, I believe that there are little chances the 20 tickets offered in the package will serve their purpose.

I will end by reiterating my appreciation for what you do. You are young, passionate and put a lot of energy in what you do. Keep going.

BTW, have you thought to use a more decentralised alternative of raising funds? Maybe selling the tickets as NFTs at 0.05 eth eth…I am sure you can find 20 real frens in the space.



Long time no see/ speak! But I will be back in The Netherlands before the summer.

You know that I truly appreciate your passion and dedication for this space and I think very high of you in terms of human quality.

First of all, congratulations on organizing this event that will bring together Web3 and music industry players together and for it’s proposed mission.

Now, I see how Construct (for what it has been promised in terms of scope and features) has the potential to be adopted by artists. So the event and the link with the product are ok imo.

Here are my 2 cents in regards to the proposed ROI.

Besides the presentation, I would focus on landing presentation pitches for Construct with the other parties involved (W3bLab, Authic Labs, The Poser Party and Thunderboom Records) with the prospect of signing exclusivity partnerships when the product launches.

And a few questions

  • Could Construct be promoted as the event’s main sponsor?
  • Can you share any plans for follow-up engagement with attendees after the event?
  • How do you plan to measure the success of the event in relation to Construct’s goals and objectives?

Congratulations one more time for your drive and initiatives! Can’t wait to be back in NL so I can attend these IRL events.

PS. You know I want that Drop from Steroid Ron

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An OE or post sold-out reveal mint would have been a viable alternative for rasing the funds, I agree with @Mtk here.

For all the other points, @Mtk is waisting his time (imo).


Hahaha. Thank you for looking after my time management, ser. You are certainly right. Some things are shouting out loud, though, they are linked to @MEANiX’ proposal and are capable of making this proposal unsuccessful through the obvious lack of support. Does this lack of support comes from negligence or lack of care?
There is an unanswered 42 hours old question on StakeborgDAO discord server, tagging the community manager. Regardless if the answer for the question is known yet or not, I believe that both, the person who asked, and @MEANiX is worthy enough to get some reaction around that question.
This circles back to the 20 tickets offered as perks…so far it looks that Meanix has only 2 fans that truly care about the success of his mission.

I still suggest to issue those tickets as NFT, I believe it will be a success. And it is not going well, at least it will be your failure you can be proud of, and not one driven by others.


I have read your proposal and I have been enchanted. I liked your approach, transparency, emphasis on the details, the necessity, your future plans, and the artists promoted by the partners. I wish you the best of luck and I would love to be in Amsterdam on February 24. Look forward to meeting you!

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Great idea! Congratulations for the initiative, I am convinced that your proposal will pass the vote. The amount you intend to invest seems very small compared to the advantages it will bring. It can be seen that the new DAO has evolved from many points of view LFG!

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the late response, I have not had the chance today and yesterday to respond, but I have been reading all your messages.

I’ll start from the beginning.

@Mtk thank you so much for the feedback and the attention you put to details!

  • There will not be a Construct Product launched by the time of the event (24th of February)
  • I do believe the benefits justify the required amount. The costs mentioned are just a part of the total involvement, value, money, and time that have been put into the event and everything surrounding the event. This kind of event costs thousands of euros to produce especially in the EDM capital of the world, in one of the most notorious underground club in Amsterdam. I don’t want to say it’s a steal, but it’s the honest, correct amount for what we needed in order to make the tickets as cheap as possible and create the maximum exposure.
  • I think it would be a shame not to consider using construct for the music industry. It’s not about music NFTs, it’s not about NFTs at all. It’s about the artists, especially the independent ones, searching for new ways to connect with their audience/fans, to find more freedom. As I said in my proposal, Construct is a tool that could become incredibly valuable for artists. The event is just an appropriate context to connect Construct to the industry and present its value to the right audience.
  • I am not in a position to propose a partnership with The Poser Party. Of course, the whole aim of the event is for networking opportunities to arise and I could see such the outcome of the partnerships eventually.

Regarding the tickets and the attendance of StakeborgDAO members, I have a new announcement, I will write it in a different comment below.


GM @ostanescu! Missing you around here!

Connecting the Construct team with all the parties involved is no issue. Can be done even without the event happening, I’m always happy to help.

Regarding your questions:

  • All partners/sponsors play an important role in organizing the event. I would rather not have main and side partners or sponsors because I value everyone’s contribution. Some have brought more money, some more effort, everyone is contributing differently. What I can tell you is that Construct will be having a special place of exposure during the event since it will be the only product I will create a highlight for that night. It will be the only product I will be selling on the stage that night.
  • From my experience, when it comes to innovation, especially when we’re talking about such a traditional industry as music, everything must come naturally. The aim of the event is to stir interest and show all attendees what they’re missing out on, not to sign deals. However, I can confidently say they will be the ones approaching me afterward. Still, I do have a few other points to make. Anyone connected to Construct/Stakeborg attending that night, including myself, will have the opportunity for 1 on 1 conversations with potential partners (from Armada Music, to Spinnin Records, and more). This by itself will create opportunities for follow-up engagement. Now, I am not planning on doing the event and not keeping the people hooked. I will be collecting email addresses, I am also thinking about a strategy to engage them after the event and bring them closer, but I will make sure to make myself visible and state that anyone interested to explore opportunities should reach out to me (which is going to be fairly easy since I will be saying it on the stage). Of course, I am closely collaborating with the core team here, I’m fully part of the gang and I’m craving to bring web3 to the music industry, so my network is your network, no need to worry about that. Every time there will be an opportunity for presenting Construct to those looking for including web3 in their music strategy, I will make the most of it.
    I am also open to ideas if you have any.
  • The success of the event will be measured in a couple of ways: 1. the number of attendees; 2. type of attendees (we will check all the names on a regular basis since we are working to get as many relevant people as possible, not just observers); 3. general feedback: by this I mean both the words that those high-level professionals will have about the event as well as the number of interactions there will be afterward with attendees that have had their interest stirred.

What has been difficult for me to understand is just how important FOMO and exposure are. We are all super passionate about this space, about the new product coming about, and about a lot of things that could potentially change the world. But most people are following FOMO, most people are going after the numbers. This happens most when we’re talking about big brands and potentially game-changing partnerships for Construct.

The truth is that most people do not care about the inherent value of anything that we’re building. A successful event in Amsterdam that includes big names from the music industry, footage and numbers to prove its success and a generally positive sentiment from the high-level professionals attending is, in my opinion, one of the greatest ways to start presenting Construct to the world. Otherwise, most people and organizations would rather choose a more “popular”, “trendy” tool instead of Construct.


We are talking about bringing web2 people into web3, the aim of the NFT mint is purely for showcasing the technology, the possibilities, and the fact that it can be easy to implement web3. It’s not about making money / extra revenue.

Unfortunately, this is not an option this time around.

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Now, it’s getting late, I hope everything I said was coherent, I really wanted to make time today to answer you all.

Thank you Teo, Sergiu for the kind words.

Because of a couple of reasons, including some stated above, we decided to postpone the event (Date TBA):

  • First of all, we do not want to rush this partnership. I really want to make sure we offer Construct all the exposure possible and it’s difficult on such short notice. This will also hopefully give more community members the opportunity to come to Amsterdam and join. @Mtk let’s put those free tickets to good use.
  • I am quite young, as many of you probably know. Apparently, at the end of February there are school holidays in the Netherlands. This means that many of the important individuals from our network are going places on holidays with their kids. Since I do not have any, I missed out on that. We want to make sure we have the best in Amsterdam coming to the event, so we reached a point where we would miss on too much value by doing it on the 24th of February
  • This is also an opportunity to enhance our production and make the experience even better. Maybe it could also be an opportunity to display Construct differently depending also on the goals of the team. I am flexible in making the most out of this for everyone, so I genuinely believe we can get more value for Construct than the investment made.

I will keep you all posted on the details, tomorrow you will know the new date, but this is only meant to make everything better, not worse. All partnerships and contracts are still standing will all parties, so there’s absolutely no need to worry. These things happen and we want to live up to the expectations.

Good night, everyone!


Thank you for taking time to go trough the messages, @MEANiX. I really appreciate the effort you put into this. Creating FOMO with positive outcome for the users is certainly a good strategy to attract web 2 people onboard. However, from this side, I see very little support here. The StakeborgDAO Twitter page does not make any reference to this proposal, event’s nature and the potential of Construct in the music industry, labels name or your name.

I wish you all the best with the proposal and with the event.


The event will take place on the 20th of April.

Until then we have time to fulfill all promises and showcase the value on all channels.


Will you move the proposal to snapshot?

Since you have the final date. I think it’s time to do so.

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Hi everyone, one more update. The Poser Party has some exciting news and opportunities coming up, and they can’t commit anymore to an NFT drop that would create extra supply and potentially affect their main strategy. For that reason, we made some changes that I think make everything even more exciting.

This also means that we might get unexpected exposure from their developments.

The event stays the same, excluding the NFT drop. We rebranded it to: “The Next Stage in Music: Web3-enabled virtual artists”. The focus will still be on virtual artists, The Poser Party is still a huge part of it, but this allows us to put Construct in the spotlight even more. Tied into the new focus of the event, Construct will fit perfectly in the conversation and the context.

Just wanted to make sure I updated you all on everything.


Hello, I’m here to voice the SFC’s decision regarding the proposal above :slight_smile: First of all, we’re happy to see suggestions such as this be born, for it is a great opportunity for Construct to gain the required notoriety and exposure to kickstart the product.

Regarding the proposal itself, more specifically, we’d like to share the following:

  • The exposure and the target public of the event are perfect for what Construct is and will be in the future. Very few other opportunities bring together the same public and give us the possibility of demonstrating how Construct works and helps those very people in their careers and/or hobbies.
  • The resources part of the proposal has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the SFC’s members and we support the grant of funds, should the proposal’s author accept the SFC’s proposal (written below). Since the proposal has been up for a while and the event suffered from a delay, we believe that the amount in STANDARD should be subject to a recalculation, should its price change by more than 5% (either way, decreasing or increasing) since the initial calculation. In this way, all the money (in dollar terms) will be given fairly. This also helps us set precedent for future, more resource-hungry proposals.
  • We’re happy about The Poser Party’s upcoming great news and hope the best for their partnerships and evolution! Since this prompted the change of the event’s name to “The Next Stage in Music: Web3-enabled virtual artists” and led to them not dropping the NFT collection, we propose the author collaborates with one of the artists (or brands) at the event to use Construct for a live launch of an NFT collection. This serves as the perfect example of how fast and easy Construct works right in front of possible future users.
    • The NFT collection can be whatever the two decide on as long as it displays Construct’s properties in the best possible way. For the mint to work flawlessly, should the author accept this proposal, the core team will stay in close contact and help guide this entire showcase.

Hi @matei, I appreciate the SFC’s feedback and support.

The NFT drop can happen; I will meet with all relevant parties this Friday to sort this through.

Everything looks good on my side, thank you for all the effort!


There’s a proposal for presenting Construct to potential clients/partners in Amsterdam up for VOTING on Snapshot until March 14!