StakeborgDAO Ambassadors Program

In the Stakeborg DAO Whitepaper 1.1, the Ambassadors Program was mentioned for the first time. The pilot/interim mandate with a duration of 3 months started on April 1st and it ends now, on June 30.

It’s time for the Ambassadors Program to evolve from the interim stage to the full mandate.


The purpose of this proposal is to have a more clear framework, including the Ambassador’s Job Description but also the application methodology & the compensation plan.


As stated in the Whitepaper 1.1, there is no DAO without a strong community and there is no community without influential leaders. Excepting the informal leaders, it is our duty to have formal leadership and we believe the Ambassadors Program is, at this moment, the best tool that can be used in order to have our community well represented and our Ambassadors well incentivized, both at a recognition level and at the ownership one.


Ambassadors application methodology. To be eligible to apply, you must:

  1. Have at least 250 $STANDARD staking in Governance by July 10

  2. Have voted for a minimum of one proposal until June 21st, 2022 (at least on Snapshot)

The number of ambassadors will be a maximum of 10, in cities/countries with relevant activity so far. Excluding the Travelling Ambassador(s) role, we consider it very important that ambassador applications come from places with activity and community support. Examples (consider this a proposal, without being mandatory or a barrier to entry):

London, England
Florida, America
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Travelling Ambassador(s)
Be creative

What does it mean to be creative? Consider this as an example: we did not initially think of the Travelling Ambassador role, the proposal came from one of the applications, we found it relevant, and we made it official. So don’t let imaginary limits stop you from applying.

We look forward to hearing from you in the Get creative/Ambassador value proposition section (In the form specially designed for this; find details at the end of this proposal), why you would be perfect for the ambassador role, and the value you propose to bring.

Ambassadors role - duration

Six months, July 15th - December 31st, 2022

Maximum two consecutive mandates (interim mandate, April - June, does not count)

Ambassadors job description

Some are totally measurable, some are measurable in a more subjective way:

  1. Organize (at least) 1 IRL meetup per month;
  2. Provide a monthly activity report to the Stakeborg DAO community, which will be made public by the 5th of the month at the latest for the previous month; Include:
    a) The Twitter analytics for your account on that month (Printscreen with: Tweets / Tweet impressions / Profile visits / Mentions / Followers) You can find this on:
    b) analytics
  3. Create at least a monthly Twitter thread about their activity as an ambassador for that month, including pictures from the IRLM;
  4. Create at least one monthly article on about your learnings in the Web3 space as an Ambassador;
  5. Participate in at least one Build meetup/month (online or IRL), exclusively between the ambassadors. For the meetup(s) to be successful more than 50% of the ambassadors must participate. (Meeting minutes will be written in the special channel dedicated to the ambassadors, shared with the others, and get punctual feedback from the others in maximum of 5 days)
  6. Participate in the voting process for every proposal, both on snapshot and on-chain;
  7. Initiate topics/ideas (could be around building in web3, social, sport, family, etc.) for discussions at the respective IRL meetups and ensure that there will be a summary of the meetups on the Discord channel at the end.
  8. Identify possible partnerships (public/private institutions, education, etc.) to support (or organize with another community member) an introductory presentation around Blockchain, NFTs, and DAOs. (Check 1johnny’s example - Ionut Bradean from Timisoara. There will be a presentation template proposed by Stakeborg DAO and adapted, where/if needed, by the ambassador team). During the six months of the mandate, at least one such presentation is mandatory for each of the ambassadors.
  9. Identify real-live crypto / DAO / blockchain but not limited to events, and participate in at least one such event during the 6 months. The goal is to network and connect with other people, making them familiar with Stakeborg DAO. And, of course, bring your learnings inside Stakeborg DAO.
  10. Promote Stakeborg DAO online actively and in creative ways (Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  11. Actively participate in AMAs & every second month (starting with August) organizing the DOERS Monthly Calls, either on Discord or on Twitter Spaces.
  12. Support actively and in creative ways, the work of community members on Discord, especially on channels dedicated to their city/town;
  13. Involve with responsibility in community initiatives, such as Community Talks, DAOsphere & other similar ones;
  14. Have an all-in ambassador mindset. Don’t consider this as a 24/7 job, but as a 24/7 mindset. This means you respect your role as an ambassador and you also respect the community;
  15. Actively organize, together with the bootstrapping team, the Stakeborg DAO VAN tour in the cities it will reach. (Estimate: September)

BONUS. Tips & Tricks

  • Joint Ambassador initiatives; (e.g., a collaborative activity report)
  • Online meeting initiatives (with the camera on) between IRLMs, to increase the trust level in the community. Both local and global.


Ambassadors compensation

150 $STANDARD ambassador/month


Extra 500 $STANDARD/month for the first two most active ambassadors. Once a month, the ambassadors will vote internally on the most active ones. The one that was voted the most will receive an extra 300 $STANDARD, and the 2nd most voted one will receive an extra 200 $STANDARD.

The voting method is up for the ambassadors to decide. But one mandatory KPI in order for ambassadors to be eligible to qualify for the 1st or 2nd place will be that their Twitter activity reaches 10,000 Tweet impressions/month in the first 3 months (excepting July as their mandate will not start on July 1st) & 20,000 Tweet impressions in the last 3 months. Attention: The Tweet impressions KPI refers to the total impressions, not only for one single tweet/thread.

They need to communicate the result by the 5th of the current month for the previous month.

The Otherside of the bonus

It is mandatory that 4 out of the first 5 KPIs are met every month, by every ambassador. If for one month any of the ambassadors achieve only 3 or fewer KPIs, for that respective month the ambassador will receive 0 $STANDARD. If this happens for two months (consecutive or not), that person will lose the ambassador role and will not be eligible to apply again for the current mandate or for the next one.

Financial impact

150 $STANDARD/ambassador/month x 10 = 1500 $STANDARD/month/all ambassadors + 500

Total/quarter 6000 (4500 + 1500) $STANDARD = 6,66% of total available quarterly $STANDARD through Stakeborg DAO Financial Committee

Success metrics and KPIs

We will consider this proposal a successful one if:

  • At least 20 community members will apply;
  • At least 50% of the hodlers-plus role will vote;
  • The Twitter contributions from the ambassadors will grow;
  • The IRL meetups will be more structured and
  • The overall feeling that the community is proud of how they are represented will improve

Voting framework

After/if the proposal passes both the review of the Stakeborg DAO Financial Committee & the snapshot, the actual voting for each of the ambassadors will start on the Discord channel. It will include an application - a form will be offered.

Ambassadors’ voting process:

Applications open - July 5th, 2022

Closing of applications - July 10, 16:00 EEST

Pre-selection of applications - July 11th - July 13th

Start of voting on the Discord channel - July 13th, 16:00 EEST

Deadline vote on the Discord channel - July 15th, 16:00 EEST

The voting process

Only The Stakeborg DAO members that have Hodlers-plus role on Discord will vote (Hodlers, Stakers & Diamond Hands)

There can only be one ambassador in a city. If more than one will apply, the majority vote given by Hodlers-plus will decide.

The 10 ambassadors will be those who receive the most votes, in descending order.

Important: if there are cases where special situations arise (e.g., people who are not recognized by the community but who, with the help of several wallets and newly created hodler-plus status, will manage to have a majority vote), we reserve the right of veto.

Preselection team background

Endi - Bootstrapping team

Alex (Shinmen) - Bootstrapping team

RaluW - Moderator, one of the most recognised informal leaders

AndreiV - Moderator, the most active Discord user

Mtk - Moderator, the 2nd most active Discord user

How to apply?

If you relate to what you’ve read so far and feel we’ve written this text for you, go to the next step & apply. As soon as/if the proposal passes we will prepare a form where we want to get to know you better and invite you to tell us why you are suitable to be part of the first team of full-role ambassadors. Apart from what we have thought up, we invite you, again, to be creative. (See the last field in the form - Get creative/Ambassador value proposition)

Fields to be found on the form:

  • Name
  • Discord username
  • LinkedIn link
  • Twitter link
  • Instagram link
  • City/Country
  • Your wallet address that contains/will contain 250 $STANDARD until July 8th
  • The same wallet address will be used to prove the voting requested (at least on snapshot) until JUNE 21st
  • Get creative / Ambassador value proposition
  • Since when do you know about Stakeborg?
  • When did you buy $STANDARD for the first time?
  • Are you eligible for any of the Airdrops? If yes, for which one?
  • Have you been already one of the Stakeborg DAO ambassadors? If yes, what are your most important achievements in that role?
  • What is your plan as a future ambassador? What would you do from what the interim ambassadors did? What would you do differently?

Before moving to Snapshot voting, we intend on leaving this proposal for 72h on Agora to gather feedback. After that, considering the proposal will have positive feedback from the StakeborgDAO Financial Committee, people can start voting on Snapshot for 5 days.

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Does this only refer to the 500 bonus as a qualifying requirement, or to the 150 fixed compensation as well?

Considering this is a fixed cost assuming we will always have 10 ambassadors, does it really make sense to fund it though SFC?
This makes SFC’s available funds 84k in practice, never 90k as the SFC proposal states.
Would it make sense to have a separate funding mechanism for this?

Might shoot myself in the foot, but I would increase this threshold. If there are 10 positions but we have only 10 applicants, I can’t consider that a success. It might be difficult to achieve during bear markets and periods of low overall interest though.

The real problem here is people creating multiple holder accounts.
What if we only consider votes coming from Holders+ AND above a certain discord level?

Overall, I’m in favor of this proposal and think it provides the necessary framework for the ambassador role. @endi you’ve done a great job, thank you!


How the competition between ambassadors is supposed to help? Each one has different context and variables to play with. What means most active?

Saw that all of the kpis are individual. What about common goals to follow? For example: this month all ambassadors are proposing the same topic of discussion at irlms, or similar Twitter threads in the same time. I believe that this will get raise the engagement and awareness.

No sure but it has to be the same wallet here?

Possibility of joining the van tour?
Also, nothing about the involvement in the StakeborgDAO Summit?

This will not affect the total available through SFC for the ongoing projects?

Overall, I appreciate the act of support to build the structure and framework. I’m in favor, also. Thank you @endi and pre-selection team for your effort.


Speaking of that, I suppose the nominated preselection team is relevant only for the coming season, right?

If so, would it be in scope of this proposal to define a selection criteria for the preselection team as well? Kind of feels like going in circles if we do that, but at the same time I think no role should be granted for life.


Spot on. No. This is referring to the main incentive of the 150 $STANDARD. It is fair to assume that if someone reaches only 3 out of those 5 KPIs, he/she will not be among the first two most active ambassadors. That’s why I said they will receive 0 $STANDARD. But in order to offer more clarity on this, if that will be the case(3 or less out of the first 5 KPIs), they will receive nothing, neither the 150 $STANDARD tokens and neither a bonus.


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to address this one. As answered in the AMA or DOERS Monthly Call sessions, this is the main purpose of the StakeborgDAO Financial Committee: to financially reward contributors(Ambassadors & Moderators included), ideas, projects, bounties, and so on. It is more important to use the SFC as it was designed than to wait/hope for the projects to appear. Let’s see where these initial steps are taking us, and, if it will be the case, we’ll find solutions to pivot in the future.



My message assumed SFC running out of funds, which is a problem we do not yet have.

If we ever have that problem, then it would be worth thinking about finding another method to fund fixed, recurrent costs. Not in scope of this proposal though.


Actually, this is a very good observation. Even if the proposal has a cap of a maximum of 10 Ambassadors, it’s not mandatory to have a minimum of 10. For that reason, I initially considered a good outcome for 10 of the community members to apply. But, looking again, you have a point. So I am reconsidering this and I am changing the initial proposal from ‘at least 10 community members’ to ‘at least 20 community members’. It’s fair enough to have 2 people competing for one spot. Thanks


Again, another interesting perspective. I thought of something similar. But, as easy as it is to create multiple holder accounts, the same thing will happen if you apply a second rule such as a certain Discord level. At level 7, there are 114 people (of which 7 are from the bootstrapping team). At level 5, there are 176 people in total. For someone to be at level 5, he/she will need to have less than 100 messages on the server. It is doable, for someone who wants to cheat. The positive outcome we might have will probably have a bigger negative impact (fewer people qualified to vote). That’s why I proposed the Veto right. But in the future (and now of course), it good to stay open to other suggestions on this topic/procedure.


Thanks a lot, appreciate it.


Thanks for the questions. Competition must not be seen as a negative outcome. Taking into consideration this proposal, think about the most involved ambassadors (we already have some examples from the interim mandate). And do this exercise: someone is a very active ambassador. He/she has all kinds of proactive initiatives and allocates 4 hours a day for Stakeborg DAO and other ambassadors allocate only 4 hours a week for Stakeborg DAO. After 1, 2, or three months of seeing this and seeing the incentive is the same for everyone, how will that active ambassador feel motivated to go the extra mile again and again? It is a story well-known saying, in short, that no matter how much students from a class learn, they will all get an average grade. After a few months, the entire class failed to promote, as no one was interested in studying because their results were not taken into consideration.

Regarding the “what means the most active one”, the ambassadors must decide between them. It is important for them to have the right tools to feel independent also and not micro-managed. And there are a few examples in the proposal that can help everyone understand what the most active one means.

This is a very good question. And partially the same answer as above applies. Adding to that, the majority of the KPIs, even if seen as individual ones, combined, they have the purpose to raise the engagement and awareness, as you’ve said. Also, check the BONUS. Tips & Tricks. And the mandatory participation in one Buidl meetup/month has the same purpose - bringing ambassadors together, and letting them inspire one another and come with creative ideas, such as yours. Again, without micro-managing them.

Even if not impossible it will be harder for someone to do a workaround if he/she is not the owner of the wallet(s). But it is not mandatory if the candidate has 2 wallets & can prove the ownership of both of them.

We didn’t decide how big the VAN will be, but it can be a possibility. The other possibility is to have two VANs. Nothing about the involvement at this moment, but we are counting on it.

Please find the answer to a similar question above, Andrei asked a similar thing.

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.


Definitely, the nominated preselection team is relevant only for this coming season. If everything goes well, the main job from the team will be for 2 days, after the applications close.

If we were to take into consideration now the selection criteria for the preselection team as well, we would probably need to decide on a lot more criteria for the next proposal. And, who knows, the next proposal might not have a preselection team anymore.


Fair enough.

I think this proposal strikes a good balance between healthy compromises and getting shit done.

I like the idea of incentivising going the extra mile and I LOVE that the ambassadors group will be self governing. The ambassadors group should be made up of members who are thinking outside of the box, constantly trying to find innovative ways to grow the community, both in numbers and maturity. Self governance fits that beautifully.

Thank you for answering all the questions.


This may be solved by making mandatory that the applicants are at above a certain level on discord. Should not apply for this season due to short notice, but a wannabe ambassador will have 6 months from now to chat in the community and prove his/her worthiness.


Glad you LOVE it. Let’s see how everything will evolve. Thanks a lot for the Kudos, ser! Kindly appreciated! :raised_hands:


Interesting and it might be applied (even now). But how do we solve that the certain level is not attained now, after the announcement? From someone just spamming the Discord? Probably a solution can be to make it mandatory to have a certain level at least a day before the proposal. It is to take into consideration (at least) for the next season(s).


First of all, congratulations @endi & Co. for bringing this proposal up for debating. Personally, I find that most of the feedback provided was taken into account. Having the 15 KPIs, from which 4/ first 5 must be reached each month will ensure a greater positive impact on our DAO’s growth.

I don’t have a lot more questions, next to the very relevant ones asked by @andrei and @GSPing but still:

  • will the vote require a qvorum or this will not be necessary since the ones eligible are the ones holding the Holders role on Discord? Or will we need 35% of the ones holding the role?

Some extra points (about future ambassadors’ deliverables and operations):

  • the future ambassadors could come up with a few deliverables aiming at keeping a close connection with the community and be more efficient spreading their message. These are: a common roadmap (delivered within 2 weeks from the start of the mandate), a clear structure for the IRLMs and setting up a LinkedIN profile for StakeborgDAO and use it as an extension for their Twitter activity (for the moment).

  • maybe (if possible) the ambassadors should also consider to have an internal IRLM at the beggining of the mandate as I noticed that IRLMs cand can fast-track a project’s development by weeks.

Again, good job and I would love to see more thoughts, opinions, fedback etc. here below from more #stakeborgars!


Endi, you rocked the hell out of this proposal! I love it and there are only a couple of thoughts I want to share:

  1. A travelling ambassador might be away from the community for longer periods of time. They might travel to conferences and choose to spend more time in the area. In such cases, it might not be possible for them to organize IRLMs with our community, but they can organize crypto IRL meetups with people who are not in our community yet, thus contributing to brand awareness and fostering relationships with other communities and projects. Can this type of IRLM qualify for this KPI?

  2. What if the travelling ambassadors stop travelling for a while and settle in a place where there’s already a regional ambassador? Are joint efforts towards organizing an IRLM considered for this KPI?

Final thought: for a world where so many events and crypto hubs exist, one travelling ambassador is not enough.


Hello, I am curious about how this specific metric will be measured and how will the community give feedback regarding the way they are represented, will there be any planned calls or even anonymous questionnaires?

I am in favor of this proposal and I think that the team did a really good job with it. Also, the responses previously given clarify some of my other uncertainties, so thanks for that to @endi and everyone who gave feedback before me.